five ways turning twenty-nine was different

I did it... I finally turned twenty-nine. Granted it's not really an accomplishment,  and I'm one year closer to the big THREE-O, but I have to say it's going to be a nice year. Considering I'm going to be turning twenty-nine for like the next five... 

I had a relatively good birthday, and practically got everything I wanted. But it was different than my other birthdays. I mean, come on, I've had twenty-eight previous birthdays to compare to, and they have kinda been all the same. 

Alas, I'm getting ahead of myself...

One. Instead of spending the entire day celebrating,  I woke up and started cleaning my house. Sure it really wasn't an ideal way to spend the morning/early afternoon, but when your husband and child are running out of clothes, it's time to do some damn laundry. Am I right?

Two. I didn't care about presents or well wishes. Sure, I received nice little gift packages from my bestie & hubby and Lil Man that I LOVED, but I wasn't looking for them. When I was younger I would actually ask my friends if they got me a present, and make them feel bad that they didn't (yeah, I was kinda horrible). I was also impressed with the 50 some people that wrote on my "wall" because Facebook told them too, but I didn't tell everyone in real life that it was my birthday expecting them to give me their wishes. Oh, and Lil Man sang to me at dinner.... best birthday present ever.

Three. Instead of wanting a party or wanting to do something special, all I wanted to do was spend the day with my hubby and Lil Man. In past years, my family would do something with me- i.e. going to the museum- or I would go out to dinner and drinks with the hubby and maybe some friends, but this year, all I wanted to do was go see a movie, maybe take Lil Man bowling, and get some dinner. Simplicity is sometimes best.

Four. Drinking was an option, but not a priority. Usually the whole "I want to get drunk because it's my birthday" is on my mind for the entire week before the actual day, but this year the thought of "who wants a hangover with a child" was louder. Not once did I WANT to go out to a bar and get my drink on. Most likely due to the fact that I would have been the only one drinking- the hubby can't drink on his pain meds- and I had three bottles of wine waiting for me in the refrigerator at home. 

Five. My day was kinda like every other day. I woke up, checked my phone, responded to texts and emails, fed Lil Man, did some laundry, packaged some Etsy Shop packaged, got dressed, left the house, ate some dinner at the Olive Garden, shopped at Walmart, came home, watched a movie, and cleaned some more until I got tired. Of course I stopped by Sephora in the mix and grabbed up a bunch of free stuff, and started on my Christmas cards, but other than that, it was pretty regular. And I was content with it being regular.

So that's five ways how turning twenty- nine was different!

Two things before I go...  have you entered the giveaway yet? And since I just bought a new batch of Christmas cards, I want to send ALL of my readers one! Can you do me a solid and fill out this form?

How was your last birthday? Do anything fun?

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  1. Sounds like a great day! Happy late birthday, love! XO

  2. You know, I will be turning 31 in January, and I have to say that my outlook has completely changed. While I still love presents, my priorities have changed. Jeremy and I decided that we won't be giving each other gifts this year. We are headed back to our wedding venue this coming weekend and that is our gift to each other. We also adopted a little 2 year old girl for the Salvation Army Angel Tree, and spent a tiny fortune on her!

    I think it's normal for priorities to change as you don't fret!

  3. Happy Birthday girl!!!! 29 looks amazing on you so far!

  4. 29 sounds like it was a great birthday for you. :) I love simple birthdays with ones your close with. Nothing over the top. Just perfect! Happy Belated Birthday my dear!

  5. happy belated birthday. I am glad it was different!


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