awesome things I love about the holiday season

Since having Lil Man, the holiday season has been really different for me. I mean, when you're either married or single, but keyword: childless, you really don't see the wonder and happiness the holiday season can bring.

My holiday season usually begins with December 1. I tend to keep the "holiday spirit" contained to just one month, because of my obsessive compulsive personality- I used to start decorating and celebrating in the middle of November, but it only gave me a mountain of credit card debt (I used to give flippin' AWESOME presents) and seven totes full of Christmas decorations (not counting the ones I have stored in my parent's basement).

As I was saying, my holiday season starts with December 1, and ever since Lil Man was born, I couldn't wait to start decorating. He is finally getting to the age where his excitement is barely contained- he's been waking up each morning and looking for Sparky (our Elf on the Shelf) for the past four days, every time he sees Santa on TV he says we are buying a ticket to the North Pole to go see him, and he watches Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas at least once a week- so I am actually excited myself.

But other than the excitement, do you want to know what else is awesome about a holiday season with a child?

The look in a child's eyes when they see a house covered in Christmas lights.

The big hugs you receive after a your child opens all of their Christmas presents.

Waiting an hour in line for your child to take a picture with Santa, and the big smile you see get in return. Or the picture perfect screaming to get away from the man in red photo... either one is pretty awesome.

Holiday cheer. People are so giving around the holiday season- esp to children, and it tends to restore my faith in humanity.

Tree decorating. Sure, sometimes it becomes a hassle with a child, but that's only because they want to help. Once you give in, and let them help, it becomes an awesome bonding experience.

Tradition. Before you have a child, your traditions are usually focused around yours or your significant other's family, but once that child is born... oh man! It's fun to start NEW traditions like going to see the man in red, leaving cookie out on Christmas eve, a new movie and pjs for the whole fam, etc... and of course they are more meaningful.

DIY. Gifting items that come from the heart are always nice, but when a child helps it's always ten times better. What grandparent wouldn't want something like a thumbprint ornament?

Baking. Oh how I love to bake Christmas cookies! It's literally the only time of the year that I actually get into baking, and I love sharing the experience with Lil Man!

Presents. When you have a child, you are more concerned with them having a wonderful Christmas and getting presents. Usually you don't care if you, yourself gets a present, only your child, and in turn it makes you feel less selfish.

As adults, we generally don't play in the snow, but I can guarantee that when your child asks you to go play with them, you sure as heck are going to go do it. 

The most awesome thing I love about having a child during the holiday season? The fact that they seem to make you feel like a child again. 

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What do you find awesome about the holiday season?

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  1. This is so beautiful - I am right there with you on every single one of these!! Granted, this is only Bug's 2nd Christmas, so there's plenty still for her to understand about it when she gets older, but already the comparison of this year to last year is pretty wild. I can't wait to have a few traditions that she enjoys participating in once she's grown a bit. :)

  2. I am loving all of these! :) Gets me into the holiday spirit, you know?! What DIYs are you working on now?!

  3. Such a sweet post. xx

  4. Love everyone single one of these because they are all so true. The holidays with children are truly magical.

  5. Oh how I agree! Jack just turned 2 so he isn't getting the full magic of it all. Thankfully, I'm a big kid when it comes to the holiday season so I'm loving this time. I have actually finished most of my shopping so now I can focus on the really fun parts.

  6. That all sounds amazing I want to do all of that with my nieces and nephews!!

  7. 100% Yes to all of these! Having a child at Christmastime makes it sooo much more wonderful!

  8. Such great things! We're getting a new little nugget our family this Christmas, but sadly Hubs and I won't be able to go meet him this year. But I'm sure my cousin will post tons of pictures and I can totally FaceTime her as well.


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