I guess I felt like taking a break...

I feel like I haven't talked to you guys in forever! I mean, I guess that's what happens when anxiety and life kinda get in the way of blogging... but I love your support. You guys are seriously the best readers out there. Your well wishes and prayers definitely had a good outcome- the hubby finally came home Thursday night. 

Yes, he is finally home and I'm so relieved.

Granted I really didn't want to make a trip into the heart of Chicago at seven at night, but hey, it was for a good reason. And I was hopped up on energy drinks the whole way there and home.
Things are going good so far- he's still in a bit of pain, but that's to be expected when someone decides to cut you open and manipulate your spine. Lil Man is being extremely helpful- thank the Lord- and is so precious with his dad.

Also this week... I finally feed my pumpkin obsession with some amazing pumpkin yogurt from the wonderful world of Target. It's phenomenal.  And yes, you should run, not walk yo your nearest store and pick some up.

I hinted on Insta that I made some new items for the shop and they will be up by Sunday night. I'm excited about that! I also made an Insta acct for the shop, so be sure to follow along. I will be posting discount codes, giveaways, and new items. BTW, if you are interested in anything, you can still use HELLOFALL25 for 25% off your entire order until Nov 26! OR use code TURKEYFUN45 for 45% off any order over $5 (which is everything). 

Speaking of giveaways... my birthday is in less than a month and I'm thinking of a big giveaway! I'm talkin Birchbox subscription, gift cards, shop items, and of course,  something beauty related. So stay tuned!

I promise to back this week with some fun posts... maybe a DIY, def something about dry shampoo, and an what I wore type of thing :) 

Thank you for staying here with me! xoxo

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  1. so glad he's home and everyone is reunited! :) I can't WAIT to see what you have in mind for a giveaway! exciting! Happy Sunday! Enjoy your day together.

  2. ummm PUMPKIN YOGURT?! I'm totally serious when I tell you I'll be making a trip to Target tomorrow for this reason alone. (Alright, and maybe to cruise down their $1 aisle) ;)


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