hey hey, it's friday!

Wow... I feel like I have been totally absent the past few days... but I swear it was no fault of my own. I had a post all ready to go on Wednesday- a hair tutorial in which I actually did a video- but I had to get my content approved first. Yeah, talk about a wrench in my plans! Anyways... the content was approved late Thursday evening, so I decided to run the post on Saturday. Yes, you should journey back to the land of wishes, so you can watch my very first video tutorial! 

So... this week has been a bit crazy... 

-The highlight of this week happens to be the Monster Truck show I went to with the fam on Saturday... Oh yes, it was a blast, and I will be sharing more pictures real soon!

-The hubby is going on three weeks of being off work, and quite frankly, I don't think Lil Man is used to him being home yet. He tends to act out, and not listen to his dad- only to me. We are working on everything, but until everything gets ironed out, discipline wise, it's hectic to say the least.  Speaking of the hubby, we saw the surgeon on Thursday... other than waiting almost two flippin' hours to see him, we were not pleased. He is not recommending physical therapy just yet, but he does want the hubby to walk more, and we may go through another surgery. The surgeon says the disk that was fused was a rather large bone, and there is too much space between the bone and the previous fusion. So he wants to go in and insert a "shim" into the open space to stabilize the bone and prevent the disruption or failing of the current fusion. I, for one, am not happy. The surgeon explained that he usually tells patients about another surgery, while they are in the hospital recovering, but he chose not to, due to the pain the hubby was in. Anyways... we should know more at the next appointment, right before Christmas. 

- I have also been working non-stop on inventory for my work's one stop shop... which means new wine glass designs will be added to the shop by Sunday night! Can I get a woo-hoo?! Oh, btw, they are Christmas themed, and beautiful, if I may say so. 

-I am also thinking of throwing out some Black Friday deals in the shop... Mine and the hubby's 7 yr (of being together) anniversary is next Friday, so why not lower the wine glass prices to $7 ALL WEEKEND? :)

-Also, this week I had an interview... I really think I bombed it, but we shall see- I was pretty awesome at selling myself at the end.

- I have been making a list of blogging goals I hope to accomplish by the end of 2014, and plan on sharing them with you in the upcoming week.

- Have you entered the giveaway yet? It's $40 bucks in FREE CASH just for following some people.... yeah, it's that easy. You can enter here, btw.

-Besides having a hectic week, I was able to read some blog posts, so here are some of the ones that I loved: 

I've never been a waitress, and after Lauren's post I doubt I ever will become one! But her post is a must read, and it definitely gives me a new appreciation for the gal serving me some din din.

Operation Beautiful | Whispering Sweet Nothings
I really love how Shane showcases three women every Sunday. Yes, you could even join too! I believe that every woman should be able to feel beautiful and confidant in their skin and her weekly post are Very Inspiring. 

I can't tell you how much I love Kate & Adam! Every time I read something they write, I can always identify, and have an emotional tie to it. This time, they came up with some amazing blog post ideas (hello... go away writer's block!) and of course, they are lists. Because you know all bloggers love them some lists! 

Ok, this may have been from last week, but it is down right funny, and I love Juliette for it!

How was your week? Do anything interesting?
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  1. Such a pretty picture of you! I hate to hear that about your hubby, and hope you get better news when you meet with the dr again! Also, I hope you get the job!!!


  2. Wow! You really did have a hectic week. I am so excited to see the new wine glasses. You really are so talented!

  3. Those were great posts this week! I hope everything works out with your interview - sounds promising!

  4. ooh! I can't wait to watch your video! :) I did not realize you were interviewing, Tabitha. I will be praying for you during this time!!


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