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Let’s be real here… I’ve had a really crappy two weeks. From the hubby’s surgery that wasn’t, to the loss of working hours, to the passing of my grandmother, to the hubby’s actual surgery and my anxiety being at an all time high, I really think I need something to make me smile. Or to think of the awesome things in life. 

Awesome everyday things that can bring up spirits and send a smile to your face. Awesome things like….

Being at the pumpkin patch with my parents, brother, and Lil Man…

And then painting the pumpkins.

Seeing my hubby’s face as soon as he was in recovery.

Pumpkin spice lattes- in crème based yummyness.

Lil Man hugs… 

And I love yous… 

And I miss yous.

Raiding Lil Man’s Halloween stash- he doesn’t like chocolate so I am just doing him a solid, right?

Kitty cuddles…

Grape Fanta from the fountain.

Seeing a tweet from one of the blogs you are sponsoring for the month.

Coming up with a new necklace design for the Etsy shop.

Seeing the city of Chicago at night.

Extremely nice hospital staff.

Finding a great cardigan on clearance at Target.

A friend that takes time out of her busy schedule to have lunch with you.

Yeah, I know... my list is over ten. Oops... :)

*Linking up with Anne.

What awesome things make you smile?

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  1. No complaints on being over 10 things...we need all the awesome we can get. I'm sorry you have had a rough few weeks. Here's hoping the coming weeks bring you a sense of peace and calm as well as love, laughter, and friends!

  2. I'm sorry you've had such a bad two weeks. I hope things improve.

    I love finding a bargain cardigan too!

  3. I agree 100% with the PSL! YUM! I can't wait to see your new necklace designs for the shop, too. Congrats on the new IG Account, btw. I'm so happy for you that your shop is growing! :)

  4. These are all great! My daughter doesn't like chocolate either so I helped her out a little :) Glad the surgery went well! :)

  5. I am sorry that the past two weeks have been so awful -- but that is good that you are remembering the things that make you happy! Such a great list :)

  6. Nothing like making a list of awesome things to brighten up your day, I hope this week is a lot better for you than the last two weeks have been. Such a great lis, and I hope you have a great day!


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