why i don't read your blog

When it comes to reading blogs, I've gotten a bit picky. Sure, everyone deserves a voice and I love it when someone is real and honest, but if your design really hurts my eyes, then why should I read what you have to say. It's almost like you don't want to come off as being professional. 

A design, is the number one reason I really don't follow a blog, or read anything they have to say. A design is a blog's foundation. You see, I had a blog designer lay some foundation html for me, but the current design is now 100% mine. I made my headers, invested in some white space, played with Photoshop, read through what seemed like a bazillion tutorials, and now the design is about 90% finished (I've already hashed out what I need to add, so I won't go back over this). But my design is readable, and doesn't hurt anyone's eyes (I hope).

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

**Please note that what follows is not meant to be mean, but to be constructive criticism. The good kind.**

one || design
Please, for the sake of all that's beautiful in the world, either hire a blog designer or invest in some WHITE SPACE. White space is your friend. This is not Myspace, this is a blog, and if I a)can't read your blog because it hurts my eyes, b)can't find an "about me" page/area, or c)find your "follow me" buttons, then I WILL NOT read what you have to say. There are so many tutorials out there to help with blog design, or your could read my post here, where I post some helpful blogging/design links.

two || no profile picture
Yes, this goes along with number one, but if you don't have a picture and only have that stupid Google Plus profile thing, I tend to get annoyed. You seem to put so much work into your blog, so at least try to make it look professional. And show me who is writing the thing.

three || content & no originality
Sure, sometimes even my own content can be bland and not exactly planned out (occasionally I write on a whim, it happens), but if your content is inconsistent, all sponsored posts, reviews, giveaways, or you come off as been conceded, then you guessed it. The best advice I was given when I started blogging was to be real, be myself. If your blog is consistently a list of things, a knock off of another's post (this happens a lot with link ups), or you steal someone's shit, then you better believe I will certainly not be following you. Sure, a list is fine here and there, but not five in a row, every week. Look for a blog everyday in {insert month} to give you some ideas. Also, I love it when the writer makes me laugh, educates me (in a fun way), or is just plain real.

four || your picture quality
You don't have to have a dslr camera to take great pictures, but you do need to try to have a good backdrop. Unless I'm taking outfit pictures, I usually use my cell phone (which takes amazing pictures, imo). But if you take the time to add pictures to your blog, please make them large (and in charge) and not blurry.

five || you don't respond to my comments
In the beginning, I would reply to commenters on my comment form, but then someone told me a secret- unless someone returns to read the comments, they won't see your reply. Makes sense. So the best way to reply to a commenter? E-mail. You should receive a notification of comments in your e-mail, so just reply to that e-mail, in a timely manner. Well, unless that person commenting is a no-reply blogger, but we won't go there today.

These five are only a handful of the reasons that I will not be following your blog, and I know I'm not alone in this. Being a blogger means being original and being you. Linkups are fun, because they get your name out there, and help people follow you, but having original thoughts and a clean blog design that doesn't hurt anyone's eyes is the best piece of advice you will ever here.

Like I said, my reasons are not mean to be mean, rather to complain about what I've been seeing lately. And if I hurt someone's feelings, then I'm really sorry.

What are some of the reasons that you won't follow a blog?  photo new-signature-222_zpsf1512a7d.png
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  1. i love this!! You should put share buttons on your blog posts so I can share them !!!!

  2. Interesting post. To be honest, I'm a sporadic blogger - which is the one thing I'm aiming to fix but these are excellent tips for newbie bloggers.


  3. Love it! I would agree that these are all reasons I don't read many blogs, but I would add forcing readers to login to something to comment as another reason. I find that overly frustrating and even if I like someone's blog, I'll stop reading if I can't comment with just my name, email and web address.

  4. Great tips!! I do have a question though - what is whitespace?

  5. Love this Tabitha!! I agree on all of your points. I think having a great blog design sets the pace and I've tried to read someone's post even when their body background of the post was red! and after 5 minutes my eyes were crying for mercy so I bounced out of their blog so fast it was not even funny! I also feel you on bloggers doing too many sponsored posts that I just start not wanting to read their blog because it's all about brand this and brand that.

    I gotta say you have done a great job on your blog here!! I also taught myself everything design related so I know what pain you had to go through :)

  6. Great post!! I always debate between replying on email or on the post so this is good to know! Thanks for sharing!

  7. The design gets me every time. And I love whitespace--it was my #1 request when working with the lady who did my blog. BTW, I think your blog is looking great!


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