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A few weeks ago, I answered a call for reviewers. The product to be reviewed: Perfectly Posh. I had no idea who the company was, only that they sold pampering products, or which products I would be sent. 

Once I received my package, I was so surprised and instantly fell inlove! 

Perfectly Posh is a about pampering, and giving women a chance to experience that pampering with products that are USA made, have natural ingredients, free from sulfates, parabens, lanolin, & phthalates, loaded with essential oils, and are cruelty free (no animal testing here folks). They feature amazing products which include bath scrubs, lotions, lip butters, face masks, perfume sticks, powder, shave creme, hair care products... basically everything you would need to pamper yourself, all at an affordable price. All products are sold through an independent consultant, so they can work with you and give you a one-on-one shopping session.

My thoughts: 

I love me some charcoal cleanser (I use a charcoal face wash everyday), because of the natural ingredients and non-drying attribute. This bath bar was amazing. Usually when I walk out of the shower, my skin either feels rather silky or tight and dry. Not after using this! It seemed to find that middle road with my skin, and made me feel clean without the "after" feeling of NEEDING to moisturize. When payday comes around, a full size will be mine. 

Like the product title says, the Shine Bright Like a Diamond is an exfoliater, and I loved it. It is now in my top five favorites because this is a gentle, yet powerful little scrub, and did not irritate my face. Most exfoliators tend to make my face red, and a bit sensitive for a while, but this guy made my skin feel baby soft, and wonderful. I definitely will be buying this in the near future. 

I am a sucker for a good mask, and this one was AMAZING. Basically you get a powder, and then you can make up your own mask by using the recipes in the brochure or website. I really wanted to mix mine with avocado, but since I didn't have it on hand- I used honey. The results: hydration all around for my face, and no need to exfoliate for four days. Yes, my face was that soft. Love this stuff.

This bar smelled so pretty. It was also an amazing body exfoliator, but unfortunately it seemed a bit harsh on my sensitive skin. 

This scrub had a very nice/clean scent, and it invigorated my shower. 

Overall, I really liked what I tried from Perfectly Posh, and will be buying a few products. If you would like to try or buy some wonderful pampering products, you can contact my girl Crystal. You can shop on her site, check out her facebook, follow her on twitter, or look at her daily life on insta.

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