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Growing up, I always made lists of goals that I wanted to accomplish. I thought writing them down would make me more accountable for their completion, but most of the time, my laziness procrastination just got in the way. And since I never could complete my goals, I stopped making them, and learned to despise the word "goals". Petty, I know. 

So this week, I have decided to make some goals, but I am going to call them wishes. My life has been so jumbled lately, and basically I need to re-organize and figure out where to re-direct my efforts, so the most important things aren't failing.

Wish #1- get Lil Man on a schedule.
I have been mentioning to my hubby that Lil Man needs a schedule, but apparently I have never gotten him on one. Now, I am not talking about schdduleing out the whole day or anything, I am just talking about getting up at the same time each morning, taking a nap at the same time, and then going to bed at the same time. Sure, I know life will get in the way, but I would just like to have a "guideline" time. This is by far, the most important thing this week.

Wish #2- schedule all of my blog posts this week. 
I have talked about it before, but it seems as if blogging either takes a backseat to my family (which it should) or my family takes a back seat to it- there is no middle of the road. So once I get Lil Man on the schedule mentioned in Wish #1, I am going to sit down and blog, after my most important things are done.

Wish #3- start potty training Lil Man, and follow through with it. 
Now, I am not saying there won't be accidents, but I would like him to get out of diapers, and start at least wearing pull ups full time. But we will see- Lil Man is a bit stubborn, like his mama.

Wish #4- put in at least THREE applications this week. 
I need to go to work full-time, or pick up another part-time job, and I need to actually put my apps in. Three is an acceptable number.

Wish #5- change my nail polish color on my toes. 
Easy right?

Wish #6- comment on at least FIVE blogs, and make sure that they are genuine and heartfelt. 
There is no "Great post!" here. In all honesty, I suck at this, and a big part of blogging is interaction.

Wish #7- Finish my blog design. 
I have a "test blog" where I have been making changes to my design, because apparently I can't really make my mind up, but I am almost finished. I want to change fonts of post titles, move the pages to the sidebar, redo my about me page, add a graphic to the top and bottom of the blog, and add a "pin it" button to my pictures. Doesn't sound too hard, right?

What are your wishes this week? Link up with Anne from Love the Here and Now, and tell us about them!

*also linking up with Liz for the blog hop and Kathy for confessions

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  1. I'm pretty bad with scheduling posts too - but it's something I need to be better at! I say start with the easy one - nail polish. Then you'll feel pretty and want to do the rest :)

  2. Where to begin? I am guilty of writing goals on a list and throwing in super easy ones just so I can cross them off and feel accomplished. Getting your son on a schedule will help you and him nap time and bedtime you can focus on the things you want/need to do. Love the idea of a test blog to try designs. I'm going to do that once I start learning design. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Such great goals. I love setting goals...and crossing them off when I actually accomplish them! You got this! :)


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