Throw some glitter, make it rain...

Yeah, so the title really doesn't have anything to do with the feel of the post, but what evs. 

This week really hasn't been bad, really. Well, I mean, compared to last week, it has definitely been pretty rock star, but we all know why. For fear of rambling, I am going to just say this week has definitely (I guess I really like that word) been productive on my end, and I think it's going to benefit you guys in away. Cool? Cool. So, let's get to it! 

Five random thoughts about this week

One | Granted, I took yesterday off, on Wednesday, I actually sat down with my blog calendar and planned out a month's worth of blog posts. Sure, they are just rough ideas, but the hamster was on his wheel, and my creative juices were a flowin'. And I hope you guys really like what I have planned for the next month!

Two | I decided that one of my favorite shirts... 

is going to be retired. I wore it yesterday, and well, it was hemorrhaging glitter ev-ery-where! (the bottom row of words is covered in silver glitter) I even went to hug Lil Man, and yeah, the side of his head was covered in glitter. But the good news: since I love the shirt so much, I found a replica at my fav-orite store... Maurices. Yep, it will be mine very shortly... :) On a side note, Maurices happens to be elephant obsessed this season, and you should check them out! 

Three | Good things come to those who wait? Just a thought about my "no swimming" restriction. But the good this is that in the past week, the weather hasn't been scorching hot, and I haven't been cursing Fred. #hurryupsunday Oh, Btw, Thursday, was the first time in.a.week that I actually put on clothes. Real clothes, people. AKA- Jeans. Sure they were loose (well, rather loose) destructed Silver Jeans bootcuts that I cuffed to look like boyfriends, but in reality, I looked like I was waiting for it to rain, because my cuffs were way.too.big, but, they were JEANS! Uh-huh. Sure, I had to leave the button undone (my belly is still swollen), but it was nice to get dressed and head into the world of people. And when I say world of people, I mean Target, of course. Yes, I could go on and on about how nice it was to go to Target after taking a week & a half (10 days... gasp!) hiatus, but I won't, because then I would be just rambling like I am now, and no one is going to really read long ass number three of my five randomnesses of the week. Turd.

Four | The hubby has finally put his foot down, and I guess we will be getting a new car, sometime this month. He currently drives a chevy cobalt, and he wants a chevy cruze. It's better gas mileage and bigger, so that means saving money while being comfortable? IDK, he's the one that is taking care of everything.

Five | I am going back to work tomorrow, and I don't know if I'm overjoyed or bummed. It's kinda of a tie. I mean, I love my job (well except for a couple of weeks ago- but I'm over that now), but lately if I have been staring at a computer screen for too long (I "read" too many blogs), my head starts hurting. Maybe it's a sign that I'm on the computer too much (my husband would be nodding and/or holding flags that say "YES!!")? IDK. But I do know that a part of my job is to type out what is going on in the supervised visit, and I have an eight hour day tomorrow. Ugh. Wish me luck.

Six | I heard this on the radio, and I really like it. You see, I have liked Maroon 5 since they came out (Adam Levine = SWOON!!), and truthfully their sound really hasn't changed until this song. Give it a listen, and tell me what you think!

Btw, I used Grooveshark, instead of Youtube, because damn, the video is super depressive. Yeah, you guys are on your own there.

Maps by Maroon 5 on Grooveshark

What did you think?

So that was my randomness for the the week. See you pretties on Monday! 

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  1. I really like Maroon 5 when they came out. And you're right Adam Levigne is a hottie!

  2. Glad you are feeling better!!!! I wish my husband would put his foot down and get himself a new car. His has no AC and now the passenger window won't stay up. *sigh* Have a great day!

  3. A quick comment on the car thing... I have a Chevy Cruze, and while I do love it (I'm actually on my second Cruze now!), it IS small. It works for me because I'm tiny and short, but it's definitely not a family size car. It's kind of tough actually to take both my nephews somewhere at the same time. Or even just the youngest, since he is still in a rear facing car seat. If your husband is taller than like, 5'6", he might be more comfortable in an Impala, as those are a lot bigger than a Cruze. But either way, yay for new cars, because those are fun! :)

  4. I'm glad you are feeling much better. I hate car shopping. I love some Maroon 5...they got a great sound.


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