Things that I just don't get

I guess I am starting my confessions a bit early this week, because today, I am going to share the things in this world that I just don't get...

*Disclaimer... I may push a few buttons here, so get over it. These are my opinions, and if you can't play nice, then go sit in the corner.

one | Facebook drama
I shouldn't have to elaborate here... it's just so annoying!

two | midi rings
Sure, some are cute, but I just feel like they would either get in the way and fall off...

three | high waisted short shorts
Is there really a need to show off the bottoms of your ass cheeks to everyone? No, there isn't.

four | crop tops
Just another way for women to look skanky. Personally, I think they look horrible. Especially on pre-teen girls.

five | leggings as pants
I did a post on this, and I really need to go back and revamp the crap out of it, because people still do it. Please, for the love of all things, wear something that covers your bum!

six | hashtag everything
Why? Just why? 

seven | skinny girls calling themselves fat
Just stop. It's annoying and makes me feel like a beached whale. 

eight | fat shaming
I read a story about a bigger girl who posted pictures of herself in a bra and panties on her Instagram, and guess what... Instagram deleted her account. Seriously it was rude, and if she was a size two, she would of had like 200 likes. 

nine | the media saying that OITNB is glamorizing going to jail
Really people? C'mon. If you want to go to jail because you think it's cool, then you need to be in psych ward. Or at least watch some OZ, and learn how to shank someone.

ten | child abuse
Ok, maybe I can understand why, because I am a parent, but damn people... walk away.  Sure, I will be the first to endorse a swat on the behind, but there is no need for excessive punishment or anything else. All of this beating a child until the point of no return, shaken baby syndrome, and sexual abuse is certainly uncalled for. Stop it. Stop it now.

eleven | leaving kids or dogs in hot cars
What the f is wrong with this world?

Ok, we all know there is alot more than eleven things that I just don't get, but I'm getting a bit annoyed, so I'm gonna stop there. 

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  1. I cannot deal with skinny girls calling themselves fat....get over yourself, we all know you're skinny we don't need to tell you a million times a day. Numbers 10&11 go without saying, people are just morons for doing those things. I will say that midi rings are cute and I definitely wear them, but no feelings hurt here about them.

  2. I agree with all of these especially 1, 3, 4, & 5! Can't stand leggings as pants. Just no.

  3. I LOVE crop tops! Disagreed there! I love how young and breezy a nice crop top makes me feel!

  4. Way to hit every nail on the head! I do love midi-rings though.. but you're right, so impractical! I've been by your blog in the past and I'm a new follower and I just love your blog! So.. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out:

  5. I don't get the New York stock exchange and it has always fascinated me. I don't get how rice is harvested. I've been around rice my whole life but I don't understand how they get it from those tall looking weeds to rice. I also don't get how my child can say stop, don't, quit, all fall down, dada, but will not say mama. As for your number one, I love FB drama. it is always so entertaining. My sister will call and say go to so and sos page just so we can watch the drama unfold. Can you tell we live a pretty boring life?


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