My top ten blogging essentials

When bloggers make lists like "how to blog" and "top ten blogging essentials", non-bloggers tend to roll their eyes. Why? Well, because non-bloggers just don't get it sometimes. Bloggers like to photograph their food, take trips just to recap them, buy expensive dslr cameras and put them to use, dress in shirts that scream "I'm a blogger", and love to have the word blogger on their coffee mugs and wine glasses. Why? Well, because we are a different bred of people. We are the crazy ones. 

Today I am going to talk about my top ten blogging essentials. Why? Well, because I have nothing else to talk about on a Monday... Sure that isn't the reason, but maybe, just maybe someone may read this post and realize too, that they can become a blogger. 

One | computer
Yeah, I know, this one is a no brainer, but sometimes, you can be a blogger and NOT own a computer. For me, it helps. I currently have a HP ENVY dv6 Notebook PC that I got with my grad school money, and truthfully I love it. Sure it has Windows 8, which I really don’t like, but it is so much better than the Dell I used to have.

Two | word processing software
I usually write my blog posts in MS Word and then copy and paste into my blogger post template thingy. It saves time and doesn’t use up my data (my internet is through Verizon Wireless…). Plus any words that are misspelled, Word is there to fix them for me.

Three | planner 
I am a planner, most of the time. I like to write down my blog post ideas, on the days I want them posted, and I like to see them in front of me. I also need to be reminded of giveaway dates, link ups, and when my sponsorships run. This is where my Plum Paper designs planner comes in.

Four | a great camera & tripod
When I say great, it just needs to be great to you. I currently have a Sony Cyber-shot point and shoot that is 8.1 megapixels and a Samsung Galaxy S4 that has a 13 megapixel camera. My point is: you don’t have to have an expensive DSLR to take amazing pictures.

Five | easy to use photo editing software 
I am the first to admit that I use Photo Shop Elements to edit a lot of my photographs (mostly fashion/style ones), and make my monthly favorites collages, but I also have an addiction to PicMonkey. It is free (not a bagillion dollars like PSE), and so user friendly. And now, you can edit your photos, add overlays, and even use fonts that are on YOUR computer (best feature ever).

Six | photo background & props
Honestly, when I started blogging, I just took random pictures of clothes, jewelry, or whatever in my kitchen, bathroom, or in my closet. I never realized that in order to become Pinterest-Famous, you need to have clean photos, with the subject of the photo being focused on. Basically you need to think of your photos being a representation of your blog. Myself, I use foam white boards for a clean background, and fake flowers, wine glasses, things that come out of my special edition Birchboxes... basically whatever I find that makes whatever I am photographing pretty. It will make a difference... believe me.

Seven | social media accounts
Granted this is another no brainer, but having a social media presence is downright essential to the success of your blog. It allows you to spread the word and connect with everyone on a whole ‘nother level. Also if you are one of those people who like to plan ahead, Hootsuite is there to schedule your tweets and Facebook page posts.

Eight | time
Blogging takes time. Period. You have to write posts, promote said posts, read comments, reply to said comments, interact with other bloggers, and so much more. It is very time consuming, but so much fun.

Nine | creativity
Creative people think outside the box. If you are blogging, then you are thinking outside of the box.

Ten | alcohol. 
When I refer to alcohol, I am referring to wine, btw. Wine is an amazing substance, and it has helped me write quite a few blog posts. And having an Etsy Shop that designs wine glasses, ain't bad either. Yep, you should check out the shop :)

What are your top blogging essentials?

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  1. haha i love the last one! alcohol is a must :)

  2. Great advice to the novice blogger. Sometimes I see other lists and they scare me! But this is simple and to the point! Thanks!

  3. I definitely have to say "something to talk about" is a must. I look forward to the day I become a "mommy blogger"! I'm still trying to find "my voice" in blogging.

  4. Love me some Picmonkey! I really liked your post on things you get tired of cause Amen sister!

  5. Love this post! All 100% needed. Thanks for doing your part in assuring that we all drink in style with your glasses!


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