Happy Monday Giveaways

Hmm... what to say today? Truthfully I ain't got anything... 

Hold up... I can't talk about my weekend!

Let's see... I worked, saw my cousin, had a bbq, cranked out four etsy shop glasses, designed a new coffee mug that is aimed to go live next week, cuddled with my Lil Man, did some cleaning, and took a shower. Yep, that was my weekend... 

Is it sad that I can sum up my weekend in one sentence? Yes? No? I don't know... 

What I do know is that I have some fun giveaways listed below for you to enter! Good luck!

   photo blush-signature2_zps2f6f8c35.png
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Deloom // LIY for Free Shipping

Cadorah // LIY10 for 10% off 

Blog // Shop // SUMMERFUN40 for 40% off 

A Life Like Mine // BECAUSEICAN for 50% off all ad space

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