'Cause I'm so star stuck

I know that it's Saturday, but, I have finally found some time to sit down and give you guys my "Friday Post". Honestly, this post has been written up since about Wednesday, but I have been adding things here and there, and well, this is the final, final post. Enjoy! 

Favorite Moments of the week
one | My lil family and I went to the county fair, and I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Erin from Living in Yellow. Even though our meeting was brief (she was going to a concert), I was star stuck as she was super nice and sweet.

two | While at that county fair, Lil Man rode his first fair ride, and then second and third, and we had a blast.

three | I crossed two things off my summer bucket list this week: ride a ride at the fair & wear shorts out in public. Bam! 

four | My brother finally put a working motor in his go kart, and well, after some redneck-engineering, we were able to take it out :)

five | Target is having some amazing clearance this week, and I have been able to grab some OPI nail polish for under $7. 

Favorite Blog Posts
Blogging is about community, so I wanted to share some bloggy love and tell you guys about some posts that I LOVED this week!

one | You are More than a Number by Anne @ Love the Here and Now | Anne wrote such an inspirational post about self acceptance and I think all women should read it. 

two | Thoughts Of A Blogger During Summer by Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants To Work | This is my first summer blogging and I swear Whitney read my mind... 

Favorite Song

How was your week? Any favorite things?

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  1. I love it! County fair AND Erin? That's a solid weekend in itself! :) Thanks for linking up gal!!

  2. Hey - I saw you on Erin's Insta too!
    Love your post.
    Thanks for linking up with us! :)

  3. You had such a cool day! Im now craving that super yummy ball icecream that is not available here in Austria :/
    And that song is totally stuck in my head :D



  4. Thanks for linking up! Loved those two posts too. I haven't had dippin dots in forever... They look good!

  5. Yay for marking off those bucket list items :)


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