Spring is in the air

Sunshine is good for the mind, body, and soul, but when Mother Nature decides to go through a mental break down and give the country over three months of snow and freezing temperatures, something is wrong. The nice thing is that since it is almost the middle of March, Spring should be on its way, but then again we can never be sure. So, if you are like me, you are longing for the sun, the smell of the flowers, the beautiful weather. In essence, we are longing for Spring.

one | Add flowers. I have a tendency to stop by Michaels or Hobby Lobby and grab some fake flowers, because I like the look (and because real flowers have that unwanted tendency to die all of the time). Adding flowers gives your home that look of Spring, but be sure to grab the light colored ones. On a side note, I have even put white daisies in my bathroom to Spring it up. 
two | Simplicity is best. Not long ago, I found a duvet cover on clearance at Target for rather cheap, so of course I bought it, and the white insert. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I took the cover off to wash both, and while the cover was still drying, I threw the white insert back on the bed. I discovered that I really liked the "clean" look of the white bedspread, and decided that I would keep it for awhile.
three | De-clutter & disguise. Spring is best known for Spring cleaning. After the holidays, I like to start cleaning out my pantry, throwing away any left over Christmas candy (ick, I know), and then in the kitchen, I like to get baskets, and throw all the needed clutter (like the candle lighters, expo markers, etc) in them. Not only do the baskets disguise my necessary clutter, it also frees up my counter space, and I can hide smell good candles in them.
four | Candles. Burning Spring scented candles is one of the best was to Spring-ify your home. Basically it's time to hide all of your baking scents and break out the flower scented ones. If old man winter is keeping the flowers at bay, why should you also?
five | Window clings. When all else fails, Springy window clings are a great way to Spring-ify your home, especially  if you have children (but please keep away from very small ones, as they are a choking hazard). They are colorful, non-messy, and non-expensive.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to Spring-ify your home? I would love to hear them :)
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  1. I opened up my screen door the other day and let some fresh air in... it was GLORIOUS! :)

  2. Love this list! I buy a $5 bouquet of real flowers for my desk at work every two weeks and it totally cheers my space up! Candles for every season are always on in our house, total mood booster! My daughter is obsessed with window clings!!


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