Happy St. Pat's {& a giveaway}

Happy Everyone's Irish Day!!! Instead of feeling the need to share a fun little Drop Kick Murphy's song (surprise surprise), I thought I would just say Happy St. Pat's and here's your chance to win $145 in cash to foot the tab for all of your green beer. Yeah, you can thank me later...
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a giveaway? ain't no thang. just a $145 cash giveaway from these fine September FARM sponsors this month. 

In the words of Karli Bell "i've already entered my farmer, my kaye, and my sister. our odds are good. real good.... kidding kidding. that's not legal."

need ideas on how to spend $145?
  • how about some new hunter rain boots just in time for spring showers?
  • how about some glorious easter decor from pottery barn? (a personal favorite.)
  • or maybe you need a ridiculously beautiful new easter dress to wear to brunch and sip champagne in? (oh easter brunch…i love thee.)
  • possibly you've been eyeballing a new swimming suit for all the hours you're going to log at the pool this summer? (dear god, please tell me this is in my future.)
  • or maybe even a shopping spree at sephora or ulta?

well then, we suggest you do the following two things:

1 | get entered. there are about a trillion entry options. do all of them. right. now.

2 | go ahead and visit all 15 of these sweet gals and show them some love. 

very very best of luck! 


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