Refresh your makeup bag {part 1}

I thought it might be fun to impart some of my makeup knowledge on you, and start a "Refresh your Makeup bag" series. So what does that mean for you? Basically each week, I am going to give you a "chart" to help you "Refresh" your makeup bag, cause we all now it's just sitting in a drawer in shambles. At least mine was anyways... 

For part one of "Refresh your makeup bag", I am giving you a chart of the different expiration dates to get you started. I am giving you permission to right-click and save-as, and pin as much as you like. Sure, the information has come from a lot of different sources, but I just made this for you guys... LIKE?

Next week we will be talking about brush care basics and keeping your products clean.


  1. I would have to throw away almost everything I own. My makeup collection is pitiful.

  2. Dude, I am the WORST at throwing my makeup away! hahaha


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