H54F: Pit & Peak Edition

Happy Friday Lovebugs! Did you know that it's only a week until Valentine's Day!
Usually Friday is the day that I rattle off all of the GREAT things that happened during my week... But today's post is going to be different. You see, I pride myself in keeping it real, and to tell you that this week was super awesome, would be a lie, so I'm going to join Allie and remix this shiz.
This week's High five for Friday is going to be a combo post, sorta. Basically I am still going to give you my five highs of the week, but I am also going to give you some lows (aka pits) also, because life is not always full of sunshine, rainbows, glitter, and unicorns. It's also full of cold, hate, snow, and stress.
Let's start with the pits...
because personally I always pick the bad news first, and then follow up with the good, so it can be a win win (sorta).
one //  I have been feeling depressed, stress, and keyword: OVERWHELMED this week, and it really sucks. I am basically in my "senior semester" of Grad school (I graduate in May), and for some reason, I just can't concentrate on anything... it literally took me five hours to complete a four page essay the other night. Yeah, I pulled an all nighter. And then I have a final paper and a capstone (basically the culmination of my grad degree) paper due in like three weeks, and I can't even concentrate to sit down and summarize the information from my sources.
two // As most of you already know, the polar vortex came back... well, so did my sinus issues and headaches. I seriously was not built for winter.
three // The hubby's car wouldn't start the other day, and after finally getting it started, he took it down to the shop. The verdict: it needs the starter replaced. Awesome! And during a "no spend month"? Super Awesome.
Alright enough with the Debbie downer crap... Let's see the fun stuff. Yeah?
one // This may be big news to some of you, I really haven't talked about it yet, but I am thinking about opening an Etsy shop selling painted glass and handmade jewelry. I am shooting for the grand opening to be in March, so I am a bit excited. To practice my awesome skills, I have been giving people my painted wine glasses as presents. Basically a way to get myself out there. So, if you are ever paired with me for a swap box and you are a wino, you will definitely be getting one of these custom babies. :)

two // I rarely cook, so this had to be documented. On Tuesday, I decided that I was going to make crock-pot lasagna, and bought all of the ingrediants last week. Well, me and Lil Man decided to take an extra long nap, and since it takes 3-4 hours to cook, I didn't have enough time to make it. So, instead I jumped on Pinterest, and found an easy recipe for regular-bake-it-in-the-oven lasagna. I made it, it tasted great, and here's my documentation.

three // As I already stated above, the polar vortex came back, but it also made it onto my list of peaks, because Lil Man was so cute and wanted to shovel like daddy. :)

(Picture was removed due to privacy issues)

four // I was nominated for the Liebster award by not one, but two different bloggers. This was my first time being nominated, and truthfully, I was happy that I was finally awesome enough to get a nomination. You can see my questions and answers HERE :)

five // Despicable Me 2 has come to be my favorite movie lately. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Lil Man wants to watch it 145,874 times a day, or something else. Truthfully, I really do like the movie. Anywho, I was in the car, driving to work on Monday, and guess what song comes on the radio? "Happy" by Pharrell Williams... the song is featured in the movie, and every time it comes on, me and Lil Man break out into a impromptu dance party. Needless to say, but I broke out into one in the car..

Yeah, so those were my pits and peaks of the week. I really hope next week goes so much better!

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Oh, I forgot to tell you guys... this is my 100th post! (takes a bow)


  1. Happy is my favorite favorite song!!! Love it!

    Happy Friday!

  2. great job on the lasagna!! We have polar vortex for dayyyyss too! I love that painted wine glass, so cute! Thanks for linking up!

  3. That lasagna looks delicious! So much cheese! GET IN MY BELLAY!


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