H54F: A winter story

Happy Friday darlings!!!
This past week has been filled with nothing but snow. If you haven't been watching the news, and have no idea where I live, let me explain. I live about an hour east-ish of Chicago, in Indiana. Friday the snow started, and didn't end until Monday, when hell froze over. Basically a blizzard decided to upchuck a big screw you the fluffy wonderfulness all over us, and because of it, Indiana basically shut down. And once the snow stopped, the wicked coldness set in. Like I am talking -15 degrees, which meant NEGATIVE FORTY EFFING DEGREES with the wind chill. Yes, I now understand how all those Alaskan's feel, and I don't plan on taking a trip there anytime soon, even if I had the chance to pet a moose. No way Jose!

Yeah, so since winter wanted to, for lack of a better term, bitch slap the crap out of Indiana this week, life has kinda sucked. Well, except for five little things that amused me and this #backthatazzup song...

1) So, because of the blizzard and the freeze that followed, DEFCON 1 (military for the most sever threat) was instated for the State of Indiana and the Commissioner issued a  "warning" for all travel, which meant that you weren't allowed to drive ANYWHERE, because they pulled all the plows off the roads. This seriously sucked, so I decided to amuse myself by "melting" my handprints into the inside of my screen door, just incase the Indiana National Guard has to come dig us out. {below}


2) At least the good thing was that we had enough white bread and other groceries to keep us full, and enough toys to keep me and Lil Man occupied (the hubby was either sleeping or shoveling, but once he came in, we decided to play Imagine Next city).

3) To keep warm in all of this cold (I was thankful that the power did not go out), I decided to put the new moose, penguin, and polar bear flannel sheets that I picked up on sale at Target last week.

4) On Tuesday, the hubby, me, and Lil Man decided to venture into the land of people, and make a trip to Wal-Mart (Target doesn't have a big enough food selection). The roads were for lack of a better term, shitty. I was so scared that wore my seatbelt in the back seat and it was stupid cold, but it was actually nice to get dressed and leave the house, even if it was only for an hour.

5) Since Tuesday was the first and last time I have left the house since Saturday, I was super happy to receive my package from Oakleigh Rose. I first saw the leopard infinity scarf being modeled on Erin at Two Thirds Hazel, and instantly fell in love, since I was sold the moment that I saw it, because of the white background, and I'm so tired of the brown/orange ones. And as an added bonus, while browsing the boutique's website, I came across some fleece lined leggings. I have been wanting to break into the world of leggings, but I haven't been able to find some fleece lined ones that I would be able to fit my big booty in. Bingo! Sure, I spent like $40ish on a scarf and leggings, but they came wrapped in pretty purple flowered tissue, and I also received a personalized note, a free bottle of hand cream. Yep, I definitely recommend Oakleigh Rose to everyone!!!

Five awesome highs, huh? Well, at least I thought they were, and that's why I'm linking up with Lauren @ Lauren Elizabeth, Jennie @ The Diary of a Real Housewife, and Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants!

How was your week?


  1. Those Target sheets look sooo cute and cozy!! I love your new scarf. I have a similar one from Express, and I agree, it's nice to have the white snow leopard look for something different.
    Have a great weekend!
    xo Always, Abby

  2. Love the handprints on the screen :) My heart goes out to you, I'm in Florida and I though 40 was cold. That's downright balmy compared to you!


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