A Moose Obsession

I seriously have no idea why I haven't addressed  it before, but I have a moose obsession. Sure, I have mentioned it here and there, and if you follow me on Instagram, you can tell I have one, but I have never actually sat down to write about it. Weird.  

Therefore today's 'All About Me Thursday' will be all about my moose obsession, and how it is subtly taking over my life. Geeze, it sounds like I am talking about crack or cocaine, but not heroin, cause I am not down for sticking myself. That would suck. Oh, did I mention that I have an irrationally fear of needles. Yeah, and I also have five tattoos. Riddle me that, joker. 
Damn it, I digressed again. (For those of you who don't understand, see here.)
Anyways, the obsession's back story... I have this dog, his name is Duce (pronounced Deuce). I have a thing with nicknames, therefore at any given time thought the past almost five years, Duce has been called Duce, fluffy ball of terror, Moo, Moo cow, and Moo shoo (as in pork). Right after me and the hubby got married, I finally added Moose to the nickname pool, and then thanks to Pinterest, my obsession with Moose was finally born. Stupid Pinterest... this is all your fault!

But, this is not the first time this has happened. If you know anything about me, it's that I can be a little obsessive compulsive. I mean, when I find something that I love, I obsess about it. It's not like I have to have everything associated with the character that I am obsessing about, just some of the things that I deem worthy of my possession. On a side note, since becoming a Mom, I have had a tendency to be obsessive about cleaning. Like if I wake up, and my kitchen is a mess, I freak, and start cleaning it. This act of war usually leads to cleaning the laundry room, bathroom, living room, and eventually evolves into a purge of my clothes. Sure, I pick up everyday, but sometimes I just don't feel like cleaning for a couple of days, and then go on this cleaning binge that usually involves me morphing into 'the cleaning nazi' with my hair looking like Albert Einstein's, sweat pouring off of my whole body, and not so nice words coming outta my mouth.
Yep, did it again. Stay on topic, woman!
My obsession first started with turtles, while I was a teenager. It was a rather bad obsession, and with every birthday and Christmas, my parent's fed into it. I had EVERYTHING turtle. I had pens, paper, sheets, clothes, purses, figurines, jewelry, pillows, car seat covers, cups... yeah you get the picture. I even went as far as getting a turtle tattooed on my lower back at sixteen. No, it's not a tramp stamp, ewww. It's an actual picture of a turtle that looks like it's climbing up my back, with shooting stars.
So, as soon as I moved in with my hubby, the obsession with turtles subsided, and turned to penguins. I have no idea why it changed, but it did, and now I have four boxes of turtle shit still sitting in my parent's basement. Yeah...
Maybe my obsessive compulsive nature came from the fact that I never did drugs? So collecting miscellaneous crap that sits on a shelf and collects dust is my drug? Yeah, well I never advertised myself as a psychologist. I don't know why, but over the years, I have collected all things turtles, water globes, coins, Victoria's Secret panties, pictures, books, some things penguin, quotes, and now things owls and moose. Ok, pull that train of thought into 'go screw yourself" station. I am not a damn hoarder. I am not buried under my obsessions, I donate stuff to goodwill, and I have more than three foot of walking space in my house. What now?
We continue.

My obsession with moose, is actually not as bad as my previous obsession with turtles. Sure, I have sheets, stuffed animals, Christmas decorations, magnets, shot glasses, and a couple of shirts with moose on them, but I have yet to buy moose covered jewelry, pens, paper, and I didn't name my blog "The Wandering Moose" (side note: If I ever change the name, which I really want to do, but haven't decided to take the plunge and rebrand, I will give EVERYONE notice!) BUT, I do have my sights set on a couple of necklaces, a pillow, and a pair of boxers that say "Wanna Moose Around?" for the hubby. Yeah, so you see that this crazy obsession is mild at best.

Why do I have this crazy, but mild obsession? One, because of the back story above, and two, because they are just so darn cute!

Wouldn't you agree? btw, those are babies.

My Duce Moose, the one who started it all.

I feel as if I can never explain fully why I have a love of moose. I mean, I have never met one, but I have never met an owl, penguin, or polar bear, and I still love and collect items with them on it. But, it's on my Thirty By Thirty list to meet one (hopefully). Maybe I just dream of living in the Canadian country on a moose farm? Not sure.

As long as my hubby is ok with this obsession, I don't have to care about anyone else's opinions, right?

Do you have a crazy obsession?


  1. Bahahaha... this is definitely a new one!!!!!!! :P

  2. lol - I've come across a few moose's (what is the plural here - meese?) when we were younger and out foraging in the woods, they are pretty scary when they are nearby! but cute from a distance. In Scandinavia they sell all sorts of moose merchandise to tourists, including moose-droppings painted and made into earrings..


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