First H54F of 2014

Welcome to the first High Five For Friday of 2014!! First of all, welcome to the new year, and second of all, I would like to ask Mother Nature what's up with the sudden snowpocalypse of 2014? You can find it in my "about me", but I live in Northwest Indiana, and we have an issue with lake-effect snow. Apparently we were graced with 7.7 inches of snow, and it is burrific outside!!! Yes, I have not left my house since 2013. Haha I just had to do that. No, I left on NYE during the day, as you will see, but DAMN it's cold!!!!

Anyways, let's get to it!

one... I normally don't show anyone except my hubby my undies, but I seriously had to share with you guys! After a shopping trip to JC Penney on Tuesday, I walked out with 16 pairs of undies for $49! What!!! Retail value was $143, so I saved $94/65%. And that's why I love JC Penney clearance!!!

two... I have been wanting to try Barefoot's pink moscato champagne, since it basically combines my love of pink moscato wine with the bubbly-ness of champagne. Yum! I decided that NYE would be the perfect occasion to buy a bottle and share it with the Hubby. Best. choice. ever. 

three... NYE was spent at home, in my jammies, watching movies, eating boneless wings, and drinking champagne. To me, it was perfect. For some people it may have been the worse, but since I was able to cuddle on the couch with Lil Man, it was perfect.  

four... Have you seen my new design? I totally freakin' love it! If you love it too, you can either click on the 'Beloved Designs' button at the bottom, or you can visit Brianna at Endlessly Beloved (she is on my sidebar) and tell her I sent you :) BTW, one of my goals of 2014 is to reply to everyone that comments on my posts! I have been slacking, and I think it's time to personally thank all of you that have been commenting!
five... This may not be a high for everyone, but it is for me. This week, most likely due to the super awesome giveaway that I am co-hosting, my stats have increased like a freakin' gold rush. I now have 100+ followers on Twitter, 50+ on Bloglovin, 80+ on Instagram, and 20+ on GFC. Holy freakin' crap!!! I am so inlove!! AND the giveaway is doing so much better than we all expected!!!
Also, I am proud to say that as usual, I am linking up with Lauren, Jennie, and Whitney (well, if she gives us a super awesome #backthatazzup song this week)!


  1. I love that you put responding to comments! I think it's such a huge part of blogging... you'll be amazed by how much more your blog can grow by being consistent with it! I know I was! :)

  2. I love jcpenny they always have such great sales! I found a sweater there for $1.50! Thanks for linking up with me today!


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