Ten Favorite Things: Holiday Edition

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Maybe you guessed it, maybe you didn't, but it's time to link-up my Ten Favorite Things with Brianna over at Endlessly Beloved. BTW, have you guys checked her out yet? If not, go see her, and I will wait, but please come back :)

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Endlessly BeLoved

Anywho, back to what I was saying earlier. Brianna hosts a monthly Ten Favorite Things link-up and this is my second time participating. I love the whole idea behind it.

Well, this month's topic, if you couldn't tell from my post title, is My Ten Favorite Things about the holidays.

One... holiday cheer.
People seem to be a lot nicer and giving during the holidays. I love that! I love the giving and "paying it forward" and the helpfulness. Granted this type of this is like a rollercoaster, with the giving and cheer happening around Thanksgiving, then there is the rampage and fighting like you are Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (it's an 80s movie reference, FYI) because you have to get that "best deal of the year", but then something magical happens... you know what it is.... and it restores your faith in humanity. Truly a wonderful time of the year :)
Two... my birthday.
My birthday is usually a week after Thanksgiving, and about three weeks until Christmas. So, it's celebrated a couple of times, and it's far enough away from Christmas that my family doesn't pull that "combined birthday and Christmas" present crap.
Three... family.
Even if you don't see your family throughout the year, you will (almost) always see them on one of the major holidays. Like me... my life is rather hetic and busy, so I don't get to see my Grandpa except at Lil Man's birthday party and on Christmas. It's really nice to at least be able to see them once a year for a couple of hours.
Four... decorating.
I have never been a real tree kinda person, plus I have allergies, so I could never actually have one either. I love getting all of the Christmas stuff out of storage, putting it up, and decorating the tree. I also love the fact that my super awesome penguin pillow, that sits on my couch year 'round, actually looks like it belongs for a couple of months.
Five... magic.
Not to be confused with holiday cheer. I have always loved the magic of Christmas. I loved going to see Santa, buying a toy for some child off the Angel Tree at the mall, going to see all the lights, etc. Unfortunately, when I learned the secret of Santa, and grew up, I could no longer bring my teenage self (well I was younger than that when I learned the 'secret') to willfully sit on some old creepy dude's lap at the mall, and the magic faded away.
Queue birth of Lil Man
Since Lil Man has come into this world, I have a renewed sense of the phrase 'Christmas Magic'. It's amazing to see the terror excitement on his face when he goes to sit on Santa's lap, and when he sees all the decorations and lights, etc.
Six... holiday drinking.
Since Lil Man's arrival, I am no longer a drinker. The holidays give me a nice excuse to have a glass of spiked eggnog or a wonderfully tasting wine (well, I can drink that at anytime) and it's nice.
Seven... cold weather.
I was born on one of the coldest days of the year, so I have no excuse but to like cold weather. Personally, I love it. No, not the frigid cold, that makes the tips of your fingers want to fall off, I love the just right, cold weather that makes you want to bundle up, and go play in the snow.
And... I hate dressing in the summer, because I hate my body (a post for another time), so winter gives me an excuse to wear jeans or yoga pants, and big comfy sweaters.
Eight... tradition.
Holiday traditions are about the only traditions that we have in my family. Since starting a family, me and the hubsters have tried to incorporate traditions from each side, therefore we decorate the tree with Lil Man, go to my Memaw's on Christmas Eve, go take pictures with Santa, etc.
Nine... gifts.
Who doesn't like getting gifts? I love the buying, wrapping, and giving gifts. It's a nice feeling to see the genuine happiness on someone's face, when they open your present.
Ten... specialty drinks and smells.
I love how every coffee company comes out with their own specialty drink during the holidays. I like to drink the hot chai tea from Starbucks (yes, I know they have it year round), but sometimes I also want some eggnog latte.
On the other hand, specialty candle smells also make their appearance on shelves, and they make my holiday that much more magical.
There you have it, my Ten Favorite Things about the holidays!
BTW... don't forget to check out my instagram, because I am doing a December Photo Challenge this month :)


  1. First of all... you're too sweet! :) Second.. I LOVE everything about this list!!!!! It's such a good time of the year, isn't it?! I love that you mentioned that since your son was born you have a renewed sense of christmas magic! That's something that my man and I really look forward to when we have kids:):) And happy early birthday!!! :) Thank you for linking up!!!! You're the best!

  2. love your list..

    true story..i've never tried eggnog.

  3. Our list is pretty similar, and I love what you said about 'holiday magic.' That's something I was trying to think of with my list; there's just something about the holidays - the overall feeling, the atmosphere, the cheer.
    Bridging the Gap"

  4. Specialty drinks and smells :) I love them too!

  5. Hahaha... I was totally going to ask you if you get ripped off between your bday and Christmas!!! :P

  6. Holiday magic is real and is definitely different from holiday cheer.


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