I apologize for such a late Friday post, but this time I actually had an excuse for being late. 
Thursday, was Thanksgiving (as you all know), and I was no where near a computer (my post was scheduled). Friday, I was gone all day, because me and Lil Man went to Logansport, IN on a road trip to go see some family with my family, and then today (Saturday), I worked all day, well 11 hours to be exact. So, this time, it was life getting in the way and not my procrastination tendencies.
I am happy to say that this week has been a lot better than last, sickness-wise. AND of course there were FIVE things that were super awesome this week.

One... I signed up for a cara box, from Wifessionals, since I really like the idea behind it. Basically you get to know two people, and then send a box full of encouragement and love to one of them. I am super excited to participate in this!!!

Cara Box

Two... Target is truly a wonderful place. They were running a sale on their sweaters, and I was able to get two ultra soft chenille cardis and a sweater for 40% off each, and two necklaces that I have been dying for, for 75% off each. Definitely a GREAT shopping trip.
Three... We put our Christmas tree and decorations up on Tuesday. Going through the totes, we actually realized that we had two long strings of lights and a tree topper. If you remember my post about picking up the tree (if not, read here), you knew that me and the hubby were going to compromise and alternate between white and colored lights. Well, the lights in the totes were WHITE, and the tree topper has colored lights. We decided to use the lights in he totes, so we didn't have to spend any money, and to be honest I actually like the way it turned out.
Four... Thanksgiving!!!! NEED I SAY MORE? OMG, I stuffed my face, and my belly was so happy!
Five... On Friday, I was finally able to meet my niece. She is six months and super cute! I would share a picture, but I don't know how her parents would feel. Anyways, my step-brother and his family live about an hour and a half to two hours away, so we don't get to see them on the regular, and that I why I haven't been able to see her until now.
Also for this week, I have been listening to One Republic's Counting Stars, so I wanted to share the awesomeness of the song with y'all :) 


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  1. How exciting that you finally got to meet your niece! :D I'm finally in the holiday spirit so I think I'll put up our decorations w/in the next few days. :)


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