Why hello there, Friday!

I love Pinterest. Why? Well, why not? No, for real, I do love Pinterest, especially now that I have a blog. I love searching for pictures and then posting them on here. (BTW... you can find them on my boards) So what does confessing my undying love to a social media site have to do with a Friday post?

Glad ya asked. This is why....

You can go from super sweet and innocent to throwback funny to downright hilarious in 2.57 seconds. Yep... I love the Pinterest/Blog integration.

So, without further adieu... My five favorite things of the week...

One... While at Party City,I found the cutest darn magnet,and since I have this weird obsession/ fixation with Moose, I decided to bring it home and throw it on my refrigerator.

Two... also while at Party City (I swear that store has almost everything), I found this cute little lip gloss pot. It's honey flavored, and I named him Ted, because he is friends with Bill (whom I have yet to buy) and they will go on an excellent adventure (I'm a 90s kid). 

Three... I love candles and every since Glade came out with their Fall collection, I have fallen 'head over heels in love' with the Toasted Marshmallow scent. My local Wal-Mart ran out of them, so while I was shopping in the next town over, I found a whole end-cap full of them!!! I was literally jumping for joy, so I bought four of them.  
Four... My new owl candle holder... (Check out my Instagram)
Five... I finally watched While House Down and Hangover III. Could be the reason for the Mr. Chow picture above? I don't think that Hangover was as good as the first 2, and I don't see them actually making a 4th one, but it had it's funny parts. And White House Down... mmm... Channing Tatum... guns... blowin shit up... bare arms... Yeah... Bats eyes and fans face, But it was a great movie overall.
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  1. I want to watch Hangover III... def a wait until it comes out on DVD kinda movie though lol

    1. It finally just hit Red Box where I'm at. I would rather wait for the movies to come on DVD and pay like $1.28 instead of dropping $30 at the theater


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