What motivates you?

Motivation is something that just doesn't come natural to me.
It never has.
When it comes to having it, I am either black or white, and there is no grey area. Basically, I am either extremely lazy or ready to conquer the whole damn world. There is no in between. For example: if I don't feel like doing the dishes, then I wont, or if I have an overwhelming need to deep clean the kitchen and finish the laundry then I will. It's just that simple.
Favorite quote ever...
Don't get me wrong, I do have passion. I have a passion for being an awesome mom, for being a great wife, for my job, for this blog... I have a passion for things that are important to me. Who doesn't?
So while linking up with Christina from Christina Who? and Areeba from I have a messy bun, I decided to share with you some quotes that actually do motivate me and fuel my passion.



There you go. I hope one of these either made you laugh or motivated you to do something big :)

Ps. I'm sorry for the short post... I have 3 cases to brief and questions to answer before tomorrow night. (Yeah... procrastinate much?)


  1. Hey Tabitha, I just love this quote about mistakes :)
    Thanks a lot for linking up, I'd wait for ya to come next week too!

  2. Love the honesty in this post!! I also love the quotes, especially the first one, HA! I cracked up from it! Good goin' girl!


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