Not my dirty laundry...

*Please note: this post is going to be full of complaining, so I am going to apologize in advance.*

Seriously, why do people use Facebook as an outlet for airing their dirty laundry? I try not to, because I just don't feel like reading it, and I know I'm not the only one.
I personally don't care if your husband stayed out till 2am and it pissed you off, because he couldn't get up in the morning and watch your kid. Get over it!

Your wife cheated on you? Well boo f-ing hoo! Putting her on blast just makes a fool of yourself.

And putting pictures up of your ex, and putting that dude/skank on blast? Really?

Fighting online? Ridiculous!
Getting mad at someone because they either won't add you or deleted you... Or because they posted a picture, and you weren't in it... Are you serious? I have no words for you!

I want to see the fun vacation pictures that make me jealous, the cute as a button and funny as heck baby pictures, a picture of your new pet, a picture of your new house, a picture of your to-die-for new shoes or new outfit... the list can go on and on.

I don't care if you are taking a poop. Or sitting on the couch being lazy. Or your kid just spit up/pooped/peed on you, unless there is a twist, and you make a joke out of it. Or if your family member just cut you off. That shit's for Twitter.

I won't lie. I have done all of those before (except the poop thing. It's just TMI.) Have I put someone on blast? I really don't think I have actually used names, but yes, I have done it before.

Facebook used to be a place just for students and you actually needed a valid school e-mail address to sign up. And then it opened up to anyone... que demise of Myspace. And now everyone, including my parents have a profile (not a bag thing, though).
And the app requests? STOP SENDING THEM! I ain't got time for that. Sure, I played Farmville for like 6 months when I was pregnant because I was out of a job and had nothing better to do.

No, I am not knocking Facebook. I love the fact that I can "keep in touch" with people, and share all my pictures. ( a little known fact, someone that I considered a good friend has never actually seen my son in person, and he's three)
I love the fact that I have like 300 friends, that would never come to a party in person if I invited them, but they will comment and "like" my stuff. I love the fact that when I have a lunch date with someone, and show them a pic, their response "Yeah, I saw that on FB." I love the fact that people write on my "wall" and wish me a happy birthday, and then don't talk to me the other 364 days of the year.
Did you catch any of my sarcasm?
But, this post it's just about Facebook, it's about all Social Media and the non personal-ness of it!
Did you know that social media is one of the most non-personal way of talking?
The hierarchy of social media personal-ness
Seeing someone in person- Most personal
Talking on the phone
Txt messaging
Having a blog (really depends though)
Instagram (kinda depends)
Pinterest- Least personal
When did society get to a point when we stopped talking to each other? Personally I'd rather txt, instead of talking on the phone...
When did we stop actually sending out birthday or party invites?
When the hell did we come up with the concept of deleting and blocking someone? On that subject- I was friends with a girl for over two years and our children occasionally played together, because they were born on the same day. Out of the blue, she deleted me and blocked me on FB, with no warning. That right there was really rude!
When did we stop respecting each other? I know it's a long shot, but why can't we all just be nice and maybe get along?

There! Rant over!
I hope everyone is enjoying their wonderful Tuesday!

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