It's Friday...

Unfortunately, I am not even sure if I can call today's post  "High Five For Friday", because honestly this week has kinda sucked. Why? Well, read on for the one reason...

One... I have been sick with sinus issues since last week. On Friday, Lil Man started complaining that his head hurt, and by Monday, he kept complaining and had a fever. So, I called the Doctor and got us both in on Tuesday. 
Bear with me here... The doctor said that I had sinusitis, that the right side of my face/head was worse than the left, and put me on antibiotics. (oh joy) She also said that it seemed as if Lil Man's body was fighting off any infection, but if he got worse, to call and she would give him something. Wednesday night Lil Man got worse... he was so congested that he woke up multiple times because he couldn't breathe. I called the Doctor Thursday (yesterday) and she gave him some antibiotics as well. So this week has been filled with crabbiness, crankiness, and snot-filled tissues... UGH.
Ok, done with bad stuff! Promise!
Two... Wal-Mart brought back their moisturizing fuzzy socks that are infused with Aloe and Vitamin E. I love these socks. 

Three... Meet Row-Bot. Lil man received this in his Wendy's Kids Meal, and I must say, it is the best toy that he has received lately! 
Four... While on a trip to JCP to pay my credit card bill, I stopped in Sephora. I was talking about my upcoming birthday (less than two weeks) with the sales girl, and she handed my this cute lil Benefit set. It included Benefit 'Watt's up' and 'They're Real' mascara, and I received it because I am a Beauty Insider. :) Made my week a ton better! 
Five... Has anyone besides me, wondered where Pitbull has been? I mean, like every new song on the radio was his, then all of a sudden, he dropped the face of the earth...
But hold on... It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's just Pitbull teaming up with Ke$ha for this... 

Hopefully next week will be 110% better! Well, there will be turkey, so it will be :)

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  1. I'm jealous of the goodies you got at Sephora!!!! And I've always wondered if those aloe socks worked or not, hahah! Hope you guys get to feeling better quickly! :)

  2. Awwww, hope you and Lil Man make a speedy recovery!!!

  3. Sorry you both haven't been feeling well! That's really no fun! I had a bad cold for about two weeks earlier in the fall--it was definitely enough to remind me to appreciate good health! And I've had socks like that before--they feel so soft!

  4. Oh man... I hope you guys feel better soon. My daughter is suffering from allergies. She has been miserable. No fun at all! I got the same Sephora gift. I really like both products. I'm a Sephora junkie. Hope your weekend was better for ya! and I MUST try those socks.

  5. Thank you all for your well wishes! We are working on feeling better and getting back to normal :)


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