Cha, cha, Changes

If you are a frequent stalker of my lil slice of the bloggy world, I am sure that you have noticed some changes lately...

No, you are not seeing things, I just changed my mind a lot when it came to the design...

When it comes to my blog, I have yet to find that subtle "look" that I like. Since starting, my design has changed a handful of times, and that is most likely due to me reading everyone else's blogs and falling in love with their designs. Like at first, the design was white dandelions. A hundred tiny wishes.. get it? And then it was this summery look, to match my blog header that I made with picmonkey, seriously love that site. And now... I am trying for a glitter theme, that just doesn't seem to be working yet, so I went with grey.

Since I am so new to the bloggy world, I really don't feel like paying for someone to design my blog. Especially when there are so many tutorials out there to help me... like today, I found a way to make glitter text in Photoshop Elements with a transparent background. I fell in love almost immediately. (Read last line in paragraph about) I mean, what girl doesn't like glitter?

I know I have already written a post like this one, but please just bear with me :) Pretty please with sugar on top.

Awesome! Since you have agreed to bear with me... I shall grant you cute pictures of two of my favorite animals!


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  1. I haven't decided on a set look for mine either... though I have kept it the same so far because I like the crisp, clean look. I'm making mental notes to myself... but I definitely don't have the patience or talent to do anything myself so I'll definitely be paying someone, haha! :P


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