end of summer update

So I know I said that I was back to blogging, but then it seemed like I disappeared from the face of the earth- no Instagramming, no Facebooking.... I'm sorry about that. You see, Summer kinda got in the way... We did a lot of amazing things like...

1. I learned that fishing isn't just for guys :) I've caught a few fish, and I have even put a worm on my own hook!!! I was so proud of myself that day.

2. Little Man learned that patience is all it takes while fishing and caught his first fish -> a large-mouth bass. Unfortunately, he was fishing with his daddy while mommy was working, so all I got was a photo lol

3. We ate some yummy food at the county fair... like deep fried oreos #yum

4. We spent a lot of time in the pool cooling off.

5. 4th of July was spent with a boom and LOTS of fountains.

6. I passed my Summer classes and to celebrate I bought myself a #BCBAEXAM prep manual

7. Toy Story 4 made me cry.

8. I now have a little obsession with frozen lemonades from Dunkin Donuts.

9. We went to a hot air balloon festival, and Little Man decided he wanted a paw print just like mommy #meltedmyheart

10. AND finally, Little Man started 3rd grade. OF COURSE we had to take a first day #selfie

Well, that was my summer... and you know what is coming up next? SEPTEMBER- MY FAVORITE MONTH OF ALL!!!

September is home to my wedding anniversary and Little Man's birthday :) AND now we are house hunting!! AHHH.

Well, thank you for reading, if you did. :)

How was your summer?

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