10 MUST HAVE Spring nail colors

Blues, lavenders, and pinks... oh my! Spring is here and so is a bunch of new colors from my FAVORITE cruelty-free brands. Personally, I love to paint my nails, and I love Spring nail colors (even more than Fall colors) because they are all so pretty! So here's 10 must have Spring nails colors for you!

1. ella + mila Beach Resort Blue
A gorgeous blue that is perfect for all year around.

2. Trust Fund Beauty Where's My Money
A beautiful lilac shade

3. Julep Geena
A rose quartz with iridescent shimmer

4. lauren b Beauty Shutters Sunshine
Creamy yet shimmery yellow

5. Butter London Coming Up Roses
A rosey pink creme

6. Mineral Fusion Chromatic Lilac Nail Polish
Lilac with a chrome 

7. Londontown Reverse the Charges
The perfect blend of aqua and turquoise

8. NCLA Tennis Anyone?
A light yellow pastel

9. Pretty Woman Float On
A sky blue

10. Zoya Fern
A warm sage

What is your favorite/MUST HAVE color for Spring?

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  1. I just saw that brand Ella & Mila for the first time in Target last weekend. I was surprised as I had not seen it before - I love that pink shade! Annster's Domain


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