15 best beauty products of 2018

Trying out new beauty products is my favorite thing to do, and sharing those products with you is my second favorite thing to do. 2018 was a rather fruitful year for me in terms of beauty products. I switched to being more conscious of what I was buying and gravitated towards vegan and cruelty-free products; and I only bought what I needed. Today I am rounding up 15 of the beast beauty products that I tried in 2018 and LOVED! BONUS: they are ALL cruelty free! Oh yeah!

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With titanium plates that deliver perfect, even heat in seconds, the iron has an adjustable temp control that heats up to 450F in 30 seconds, an auto shut-off, and a SmartSense microchip for lightning-fast heat recovery-fewer passes for smooth results.

This stuff not only smells amazing, but it is thickening and makes my fine, flat hair feel like it has volume. 

A must have for chemical treated hair, this stuff seals the cuticle and protects against heat and UV. It can be used wet or dry. 


A hybrid complexion cream that instantly and completely blurs imperfections, evens out the skin tone, and doesn't look overdone. I love how this stuff feels lightweight and makes my face look amazing! 

A Limited-edition eye and cheek palette features 12 matte and radiant eyeshadows plus a one-of-a-kind ombré blush... the colors are BEAUTIFUL and the formula feels so soft on my eye lid.

Not only does the formula feel like butter, but it spreads like it too!

I'm a mom and I work full-time so sometimes it's hard for me to get the sleep I need; and my eyes show it. This eyeliner helps brighten my eyes and makes me look awake. 


This little beauty is just like the Foreo Luna Play, but it has advanced sensors that connect to the FOREO app to measure hydration, and provide an overview of your skin’s health. I love the clean feeling that I get from it.

Made locally in Indiana, this facewash is worth the money. It is organic and natural, cleans off my make up, and makes my face feel clean! It also smells so good!!

Sometimes my face gets oily, and I need a mattifier... this stuff is amazing! It's great to add to a tinted moisturizer, because I get twice the moisture and a beautiful color. 

Not only does this feel good on my face, it also moisturizes, gives a glowy finish, and leaves my face looking radiant!

I love a good cleanser and this one makes my face feel so smooth with its natural fruit exfoliant.

An all-in-one repair salve that you can use practically anywhere on your body. It is soooo moisturizing and smells yummy!


A formula that gently corrects any nail imperfection, providing an incredibly smooth and even foundation. It gives me a nice base to paint my nails.

Not only does the formula go on smooth, but it's on the thicker side meaning that it stays on the nail and not on my fingertips. My current favorite color is Dress Code.

Did you discover any new beauty products in 2018?

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  1. I have only used one of these products which is from Farmacy! I am always looking to find new products to try out! I love UD so the One & Done Foundation sounds amazing! This is a great list!


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