5 things I have been loving lately

Shew.... the weather finally turned in the Midwest, which means that it is finally sweater weather! Yay for blanket scarves, boots, and all the sweaters! So along with the weather, I have been loving some other things too!

one // Urban Decay Naked Palette

I finally bought the original Naked palette, which was on sale for $27, whoot whoot; and I love it! I love the neutral colors and that they all go together. My favorite colors are Sidecar and Virgin.  

two // Milabu hairstyles

I like to put my hair up for work everyday, but I hate just putting it into a pony tail. Thanks to Instagram and Milabu, I finally found a way to put my hair into simple and quick updos. You can check out the Youtube channel here or the Instagram page here.

three // Kinsley Armelle

I just became an ambassador for Kinsley Armelle, which sells necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, and I can't be more excited! They have such beautiful pieces! If you are interested in shopping, you can use my link and use code tabitha_rice for 15% off your order.

four // Midnight, Texas

I started watching Midnight Texas last year and fell in love with the show on NBC. It's about a psychic that is running from something and ends up in Midnight, Texas. There are vampires, witches, a werewolf, an angel, and a prophecy.

five // Farmacy Honey Savior

Since the weather has been getting cooler, I love the multitasking abilities of the Honey Savior. It' s a all-in-one skin repair salve that you can use practically anywhere on your skin. I love to use it on my cuticles, lips, and hands. It's so hydrating, doesn't have a horrible smell- it actually smells pleasant, and makes my skin look quenched!

Have you been loving anything lately?

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  1. The original Naked palette is so awesome! Expensive, but hooray for sales!

    Congrats on your new ambassadorship! Those bracelets are really pretty!


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