my Fall bucket list

I may sound basic, but Fall is my favorite time of the year. And since it's my FAVORITE time of the year, I always make a seasonal bucket list. Yes, it is basic- see opening sentence- but I still do it because it helps me remember why I enjoy Fall. So today I am sharing the 25 things on my Fall Bucket List with you! 

Drink one pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks
Trick r Treat with Lil Man
Dress up for Halloween
Bonfire and hoodie
Drink apple cider, alot
Jump in a leaf pile
Visit the apple orchard 
Visit the apple orchard & buy pumpkin doughnuts (they are the sh*t)
Visit a pumpkin patch
Decorate a pumpkin (either painting or carving is acceptable)
Fall photo shoot 
Try a new seasonal drink
Try a seasonal beer
Complete at least one Halloween craft
Make a leaf imprint with Lil Man
Go on a hay ride
Watch a Halloween movie or three
Go to a haunted house
Go to the zoo
Attend a fall festival
Make & enjoy caramel apples
Learn how to make a new festive desert
Dye my hair dark
Get at least one mani or pedi (even though no one will see my pedi)
Try a new seasonal makeup tutorial

What is on your Fall Bucket List?


  1. A fall photo shoot sounds like fun! I'm hoping to visit an apple orchard and drink apple cider too! :]!

  2. Great list! I better start making mine...I need to keep myself on track as much as possible!! I love the Halloween craft and zoo ideas!!!!


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