5 EASY last minute gifts for Mother's Day

Procrastinators, unite!

So this weekend, specifically Sunday, is Mother's Day. Meaning that it is the day that you give the lady that birthed you, the lady that raised you, the lady that was like a second mom, your grandmother, the lady that watches you, or even a special lady in your life, a gift. If you are like me and haven't gotten your special lady a gift yet, and don't want to just get a card and flowers, I got you covered with five EASY last minute gifts!

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one | DIY spa basket

A DIY spa basket is one of my favorite things to give my mom or even gal friends of mine; and it's so easy. All you have to do is buy a basket and fill with lotion, nail polish, manicure/pedicure set, candle, towel, body wash... whatever you think smells pretty. Pack everything in your basket, get some plastic wrap, and give. Or just give with out the plastic wrap- it's your gift, your choice.

two | DIY Flowers

If you are a little bit crafty, this one is for you. Go to Hobby Lobby, Michael's, or any craft store- even Walmart will have what you need. Buy a colored vase, preferably in your lady's favorite color, pick up your favorite fake flowers, and arrange them to look amazing. Now your special lady will have a great centerpiece and it was totally made by you!

three | Potted flowers

Potted flowers are one of the easiest things to give to someone, and they are so much better than a store bought bouquet. The flowers that I am talking about are the plants from like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Just go pick one up and give it with a card :) 

four | Gift set

So is your special lady a little bit obsessed with makeup, skincare, or perfume? Well, why not grab one of these gift sets for her?

five | Candles from Bath and Body Works

This candle says it all "Best Mom Ever". It's also a 3-wick and smells like lilacs. 
This one says "I love you" & smells like honeysuckle
This one has really pretty flowers on it and smells like peaches.

What are you getting Mom this Mother's Day?

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