4 ways to use oils in your beauty routine

Over the past few months, I have been getting into the habit of using oils in my everyday life. Oils, which include argan, coconut, jojoba, lavender, rosemary, etc, are great for cleaning, beauty, diy projects, and of course, cooking.

how to use oils in your beauty routine

When it comes to beauty, there are two types of oils: carrier and essential. Carrier oils, better known as base oils, are used to dilute essential oils before they are applied to the skin. Essential oils are "concentrated hydrophobic liquids containing volatile aroma compounds from plants" (source). Confusing? Yeah, I thought so. Well, to simplify it, essential oils are the oils from a plant.

In my opinion, the best carrier oils include fractionated coconut, jojoba, vitamin E, and argan. Fractionated Coconut oil stays in a liquid state and is great for softening as it penetrates the skin easily. Jojoba oil is a very lightweight oil, is very similar to the sebum in skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin E oil is great for scars, stretch marks, and has antioxidant properties that are great for the skin. Argan oil absorbs easily, is not greasy, promotes hair growth, and is a great natural moisturizer. 

Now that we know some things about carrier and essential oils, lets find out how to add them to our beauty routines. 

Use coconut oil as a hair mask. When looking for a DIY hair mask on Pinterest, coconut oil is at the forefront of about 90% of them. Why? Because coconut oil in a solid state is an amazing deep conditioner for your strands. It's chemical free and jam packed with antioxidants, has antifungal and antibacterial properties, and adds moisture to your hair. 

Add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to your shampoo to help hair growth. Rosemary essential oil is great for hair loss, balding, dandruff, and moisturizing the scalp. The miracle oil is believed to increases cellular metabolism that stimulates hair growth. 

how to use oils in your beauty routine

Mix oils together to make a luxurious cuticle oil. The way to grow long and healthy nails isn't by applying commercial nail growth formulas, its by moisturizing the cuticles and nail beds. The healthier the cuticle is, the healthier the nail will be, and the more growth you will see. I love to mix vitamin e, jojoba, and lavender essential oil. It smells so calming and makes my nails look so hydrated. 

Help your eyelashes grow naturally. Other than adding coconut oil to your hair as a DIY hair mask, the second most popular piece of advice is to add castor oil to your eyelashes for growth. It is proven to make eyelashes thicker, stronger, and make them grow faster. The easiest way to apply castor oil is to either use a new spoolie brush or an old, cleaned mascara wand, dip it into the castor oil, and brush on at night. 

Using oils in your beauty routine is not only natural, but it's cruelty-free. The other nice thing about oils is how readily available they are. You can find carrier and essential oils at your local supermarket, on Amazon, at Target & Walmart, and you can even find oils in your current beauty products. 

Have you ever used oils in your beauty routine? Which ones?

how to use oils in your beauty routine, natural beauty, cruelty free beauty

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