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I love beauty products; the only thing that I love more is cheap beauty products. While I was at Walgreens about a week ago, I decided to grab some new beauty products. I currently have a thing for buying cruelty free products for one reason... no animal testing. I chose two brands to buy from: HASK and Wet n Wild; and spoiler alert, not only did I fall in love with the price, but the products as well!


HASK is known for their collection of hair care products featuring exotic oils and other unique ingredients from around the world. All HASK products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten & drying alcohol, and the products are NOT tested on animals. Yes, some of the products do have animal products in them, like yogurt, which makes the products not vegan, but to me, it's ok.

The Hask Greek Yogurt line (which I bought) is sold exclusively at Walgreens.

#hask, #haskgoesgreek, HASK beauty, Wet n Wild

Hask Greek Yogurt Shampoo Pomegranate and Cranberry (for color protection)

I recently colored my hair and when I was looking in my stash of unused beauty products, I realized that I didn't have any color protection shampoo. So I bought it. After using the shampoo for about 4 washes now, I can tell you that I love it. I don't have alot of hair come out in the shower, my thin hair feels full and clean, and the shampoo smells so good.

Hask Greek Yogurt Conditioner Fig & Honey (for hydration)

I never tend to stay in the same category when buying hair products; meaning that I won't buy everything hydrating or color protecting, etc. So when it comes to conditioners, I will generally buy a hyrating one due to my softened water. After using the conditioner, i really loved the way my hair felt- soft, shiny, and not weighted down. 

Hask Greek Yogurt Deep Conditioning Packets 

I have to say- these packets are HUGE. There is enough for at least 3-5 uses or more. 

Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild has been around for a really long time (I remember it when I was a kid)- it was launched in 1979. They have been named the #1 value brand in America, and a majority of their products are not only cruelty free, but vegan as well. And the best thing: Wet n Wild products may be cheap, but they rival high end brands!

#hask, #haskgoesgreek, HASK beauty, Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Setting Spray

I am a huge fan of setting sprays, so of course when I saw one for under $5, I had to get it. I really like how the spray is comparable to high end sprays and keeps my makeup on for the whole day. And added bonus- it sorta mattes up my powder foundation. Due to my sensitive skin, it does sting when I first put it on, but after about 5 seconds, I'm great. Btw, it also has aloe in it to hydrate your skin. 

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Brush

Cheap brushes that are cruelty free are my jam. This brush is made with synthetic fibers and has the best handle- there's a divet for your thumb (or whatever finger you want to use). 

Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow Pencil

I had originally bought a rather light color called Blonde Moments, and realized that it was just too light for my recently dyed hair. So I went back for a color called Brunettes Do It Better... it was too dark. I know they have a color in between, but after using both colors, I can say this: I honestly didn't like the pencil. I thought that it was too soft/creamy and wore down quickly. And at just over $2 for the pencil, you only get like 3/4 of a pencil. To me, it's just not worth the money. 

Have you ever tried any of the products from Walgreens?

*ps. this is NOT a sponsored post, I shopped at Walgreens with my own money and on my own accord. 

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