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Pinterest is the catch all of everything; and for bloggers, it's not only a important social media tool, it's also an incredible resource. From posts that cover things like starting a blog, to gaining readership, to maintaining that readership, to making money, to working with brands, and everything in between- SEO, social media, stock photography, newsletter, etc. Simply, when it comes to blogging posts, there is a vast wealth of knowledge out there. I mean, I personally have several Pinterest boards full of blogging tips, how-tos, social media engagement, newsletter information, and more, but today, I have rounded up ten of my favorite "must read" posts that focus on all aspects of blogging. 

1. 10 things every blog post needs to gain more readers | Lily Liseno Via Rekita Nicole
One of the most important things that every post needs is readability (the ability to be read with out difficulty), and this post gives you tips on how to achieve that.

2. Hiding a vertical image within a post | Love the Here and Now
Like I said, Pinterest is an important social media tool, and if you want to drive traffic to your posts, then you need a Pinterest-worthy image. This post will teach you how to hide that image within your post, so readers can pin it.

So much information. RSS, coding, editing photos, etc. 

Things that you just need to do to become successful as a blogger. 

The Daily Femme breaks down all things blogging. It's not your typical Wordpress vs Blogger post, it is EVERYTHING blogging related. 

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6. Blogging Tutorials | Venus Trapped in Mars
Venus Trapped in Mars has so many helpful tutorials, so I just linked her WHOLE page that is dedicated to just that. Includes button making, pairing fonts, about me gadget tips, photo layout ideas, fashion blogger poses, and more. 

7. How to network through Facebook groups | Amy Howard Social
Imperative to growth is networking, so why not do it through Facebook groups? This post will give you tips on how to get started.

Supporting other bloggers is not only a great way to network, but it's essential to growth. 

Spoiler alert: all the things that you think you need to be a blogger, like being a photographer or having to spend money, you don't. 

10. Benefits of a blogging break | White Oak Creative
Every now and then, to avoid the impending blogger burnout (aka writer's block), a blogging break is crucial, and this post will tell you why.

Tweet: Ten posts on blogging that you NEED to read! http://ctt.ec/27I02+

Do you have any favorite blogging how-to posts? 
Tell me about them!

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