Confession time

So it's over halfway through the week, and boy, I am dragging. I feel so beaten down, and I still have one (technically two) more day till the weekend. But spoiler alert: it's going to be like 90 this weekend, and I am looking forward to spending some much needed time with my parents pool. Mmmmm......

Ok... back to reality and since it kinda sucks right now, let's do a little confess sesh, huh?

Even though I'm, um 30, I really enjoy the Radio Disney music... like this one by Laura Marano and this one and this one by Olivia Holt.

I'm really not a fan of the whole pineapples everywhere trend. I know #bloggerfail, but c'mon. I do not live on a tropical island, and I do not want a bikini covered in them.

And I don't understand the Kylie Jenner lip kits and the fact that they are so flippin expensive AND SOLD OUT. What? I really don't think that they will make someone look amazeballs.

I really don't like Trump... and I'm really not a fan of Hilary either. I really hope that somehow Bernie will come through and in November will be on the ballot. Democracy does have a downside and we are going to see that side come election day. All I have to say- if Trump is elected President, I am going to cry. And then apply for a passport so I can move to Canada. 

Sometimes I really don't get kids shows. I plan on doing a whole post on this, but what the h is up with Paw Patrol? The dogs in the Patrol can talk, but every other animal can't. Why? Are they genetically engineered or something?

Three things I'm tired of hearing about: the gorilla, Hilary's inequality speech given in an Armani jacket, & the Sanford rape case. BECAUSE 1. no one can do anything about anything. 2. See #1. 

I really want to get into Vlogging. I want to play with the drones, expensive cameras, and more. 

So that's all for today. 

Do you have any confessions?

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