10 lessons I've learned from horror movies

I wouldn't say that I am a huge horror flick buff, but I have definitely seen my fair share of them. My first was A Nightmare on Elm Street at the tender age of eight, and at such a young age, I liked the idea of watching something that would scare the shit out of me and then give me nightmares. As the years went on, I thickened my skin and grew to love those horror movies. Today, when given the choice between seeing a romantic movie or horror movie, I will always choose the horror film. That's just the gal I am. And in all those years of choosing the horror movie over anything else, I have learned quite a few lessons. 

things I've learned from horror movies

1. NEVER play with a Ouija board.
Just don't. There is never a good outcome.

2. Always always check the back seat


3. Lock your car doors before going inside the station.
Not only does it prevent theft, but also prevents someone from getting in.

4. Never pick up a hitchhiker.
Even if they look harmless, just don't do it.

5. If you come upon an Indian burial ground, please for the love of all things holy, DO NOT bury anything in it.
I don't care if the legends say that you will get your loved one or pet back, it's not true, and you deserve to die if you don't heed the warnings.

6. If you are going on a road trip, always make sure your phone is on the charger, and you have a backup power source with you.

Even if there is no signal, you can always use the phone as a flashlight.

7. Also, while on that road trip- DO NOT pull over because you think the barn, old house, little town, etc is cute and you just have to take pictures.
Trust your gut here & don't be stupid.

8. When moving into a new house, do your research on the house and the neighborhood.
Sure finding out that someone died in the house will freak you out, but at least you will know who is possibly calling out your name.

9. Always pay attention to the pets around you.
If your dog or cat is nervous and the hair is standing up on their back, then something is VERY wrong.

10. Confronting your demons is one thing, but confronting the ones that live in your dreams is a totally different thing.
And if you decide to confront the one that lives in you dreams, DO NOT go into the boiler room.

That is a list of my top ten lessons that I have learned from horror movie. I am pretty sure the list could go on for another ten items or more, but that's for another day.

Have you learned any lessons from horror movies?
things I've learned from horror movies

ps. also NEVER buy the doll. 

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