Spring fashion trends: loves and loathes

Since I'm not a fashion blogger, I don't really consider myself a trendy person. I am the type of person that knows what she likes, and wears stuff based on what feels comfortable. Sometimes I look like a total slob in yoga pants and a messy as heck mom bun, and sometimes my outfits are on point and trendy. One of my favorite magazines is People Style Watch and after seeing the 2016 Spring trend report, I had to weigh in on some trends that I absolutely love and some that I seriously loathe (meaning I wouldn't get caught dead in). 

Five trends I love

1. Pastels (icy blue and lilac)
I have relatively pale skin and I love how the beautiful, soft colors don't wash me out, and make me look so pretty.

2. Romance
Think lace, ruffles, silky fabrics... so feminine.

3. Stacking
I love a good ring, bracelet, & necklace stack- just not all at the same time.

4. Tough
Think army green, studs, girly combat boots in brown, and all mixed with feminine floral. It's pretty, chic, and functional at the same time.

5. Pantone colors of the year: Rose Quartz & Serenity
These colors are everywhere and I love it.

Five trends I loathe

1. Fringe 
Purses, shoes, jackets... in leather and suede... fringe is everywhere and I hate it.

2. Suede
I understand the saying "everything old is new again", but was there really a need to bring back suede? It's ugly, hard to clean, and feels super weird to me.

3. Pattern Mixing
A little bit of pattern mixing is cute: think subtle stripes and floral, but the obsessive multiple patterns in one outfit is ugly.

4. Wide leg crops (aka gauchos)
Ugh... ugly. I am short, and have wide calves... I do not need some weird pants making me look like an elephant.

5. Crop tops
I do not see the need to bare your stomach. Why is there a need?

Are you a fan of any of the Spring 2016 trends? Any that you loathe?

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