The Great Purge of 2016

I have a confession.

I have decided to start a purge. The Great Purge of 2016 to be exact. This is referring to a purge of all the non-useful items that are occupying space, well lack there of, in my house.

Wait, did you think that I was talking about killing peoples, like in that gawd awful movie with Ethan Hawk? Yeah, no. On a side note, why the hell was everything electronic, and why didn't they just install a lock on the gate and doors. No wonder why the stupid idiot died. And then they made a second one? Please excuse my mini-rant if you in fact did not have the privilege of watching the movie. For those of you who did, I apologize.

Back to my house purge... Currently, I am going room by room, large item by large item, cleaning out, and organizing. Fun. freakin. fun... 

I started right before New Years with my bathroom... and the never-ending supply of "surplus" makeup that I have accumulated. And that lead to the storage under the bathroom sink, the cabinet over the toilet, and of course, my three drawer cart next to the sink. I was thinking of stopping, but when I was throwing away garbage, the Annual Christmas Cookie purge, which lead to the pantry purge and refrigerator/freezer purge, and ended with two bags of outdated and 'this-will-probably-make-you-sick-so-don't-eat-it' food items and a box of recyclables, happened. Yes, we recycle... it's good for the environment and yada yada. 

I have since tackled my hanging clothes, the bottom of the front closet, and half of the hall closet. So, in true fashion of the Great Purge, I am going to tackle both closets (well, finish them), the laundry room, Lil Man's toys, the bedroom, the kitchen, and the living room in the next coming weeks.

This week, 

  • I'm going to tackle the desk, especially since I can feel the "I can't find anything in this house, especially if it's on the desk" comment coming from the hubby soon.
  • I'm going to finish the hall closet- basically we only have two closets in the house and the hall closet is for clothes, towels, storage, etc. It has shelves around the top, and they are full of crap. 

Now, anyone that has children, especially if they are between the ages of two and five, knows that cleaning with a child is like wiping your ass with dirty toilet paper... it. just. sucks. AND It usually takes me over two hours to just clean the house... so I am going to need alot of luck with this endeavor.

Wish me luck.

*I will pop in and give you guys random updates on my purge endeavor in the next coming weeks- my goal is to finish by them end of the month. 

Always say yes to the wine.

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