book & a cuppa swap

Earlier this month, I signed up to be in a Chaotic Goddess swap- the Book and a Cuppa Swap. Basically, you get to know your partner for a few weeks, and then send them a package with a book from their Amazon wishlist (or wherever their list is located), a mug, and other coffee/tea/hot cocoa goodies.

I was partnered with Mistle from Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas, and she was so sweet! I loved getting to know her, and the package she sent was perfect for me! And I love the fact that Mistle shops at Target, hence the Tazo Tea, because it's my favorite store.

She sent me --->

  • An arrow card 
  • A mug with arrows and a pink handle
  • I am Malala (which I have been wanting to read)
  • two boxes of tea
  • three packages of hot coco
  • a little Mom plaque

A Chaotic Goddess Swaps post

Always say yes to the wine.

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