favorite horror movies to watch... with the lights on

So it's Friday... the last Friday of October to be exact. Shocker.

Up until last night, I knew exactly where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do with today's post- a traditional recap of course, but then I thought of a better idea. Tomorrow is Halloween, so why not talk about something that is Halloween-ish, right? But I wasn't sure what. Sure I could of listed off my favorite things about Halloween, or favorite costumes, or taken a walk down memory lane and shown some cute pics of Lil Man, but none of those ideas were hitting the spot for me. So I dug deep... not really, but just go with it.

Why not tell you guys about my favorite Halloween movies. Like if I was to binge watch Netflix all day on October 31 with my candy corn, what would I watch... with the lights on...

I can't really call myself a horror movie buff, but I can tell you that I have definitely watched my fair share of them. I love them. I would pick a horror flick any day over a chick flick for one simple reason... I'm a sucker for being scared. I love it. I love the goosebumps, I love the rechecking the doors, the freaking out if the cat runs down the hall for no reason, the everything. I love the fact that I am almost 30 and I can still get scared to the point of wanting to wet my pants. It's great. So today,  I am giving you my five favorite horror movies and three of my no-nonsense, downright stupid, but still good and horrorific guilty pleasure movies.

One // A Nightmare on Elm Street (all of them)


Ok, I lied. A Nightmare on Elm Street doesn't scare me, but at one point IT DID. I have been watching the series since early childhood and Freddy Kruger is seriously my all time favorite scary movie villian EVER. He not only has some pretty cool horrifying mechanisms, but he just has this thing about his persona. Hilarious, yet terrifying.

two // Hellraiser (1987)


The only reason this one made the list is because it still scares the f-ing shit out of me and is probably the reason I will NEVER touch a puzzle box. Basically, A guy finds a puzzle box, and solves it, which opens the gates to hell. Then his half brother and his wife, which happens to be his former lover, move into his abandoned house. The man's niece gets involved and everything gets all messed up... yeah... 

three // Children of the Corn (2009)


Based on a short story by the Master of Horror, Stephen King, Children of the Corn is a classic horror movie. It encompasses a young couple who decided to drive, not fly, across county, and they of course get caught in a small town, which happens to have a cult of young children with a belief that "He Who Walks Behind the Rows" hates people over the age of 18. Therefore they must be sacrificed.

four // Pet Sematary (1989)


Based on the novel by the Master Stephen King, Pet Sematary is based on the crazy misguided notion that we can somehow bring loved ones back from the dead by the way of an ancient Indian burial ground... yeah probably not a good idea. 

five // It (1990)


This movie is definitely the reason that I hate clowns...
Basically an entity terrorizes a group of friends and then it's defeated. Thirty years later, murders start happening and the group of friends rejoin to carry out an oath to destroy the demonic entity, which happens to show up as a clown most of the time.

And three guilty pleasures....

The Cabin in the Woods (2011)
Before Avery was a doctor and Thor was an Avenger, they were college students and vacationed at a remote cabin in the woods; when unknown to them, they were actually being filmed for a reality show.

The Purge (2013)
For one night a year, 12 hours to be exact, murder is legal. And so is all the horrific crimes. And what ensues is nothing less than.

Sometimes They Come Back (1991)
A boy witnesses his brother's murder and then moves out of town. The gang who killed the brother is then killed themselves by an oncoming train. Some years later, the boy, now a man, moves back to town for a teaching job and is haunted by the gang. Not bad for a short story by Stephen King and a made-for-tv flick.

In making this list, I realized that I have a "thing" for Stephen King... eh, ok. He is the Master of Suspense and Horror, right?

What are your favorite horror movies to watch with the lights on?

**Cheers to the weekend and 
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