Awesome things about rain...

I'm going to real honest here... I've been struggling with creativity lately. It's been a chore to come up with ideas on what to post and even finish a post. I have tons of one paragraph posts just sitting in my draft folder waiting to be finished.

One reason for all of this could be the excessive rain that has pounded the Northwest for the past three months. We get three yo four days without the dreaded wet stuff, and then bam! It's like monsoon weather over here.  But it's cold. Cold like a rainy day in October. And don't even get me started on the allergies... ugh.

But in order to turn my frown upside-down,  I'm going to dig deep and look at the awesome things about rain...

The flowers

Rain makes flowers grow. And flowers are pretty.

Getting ready doesn't take forever

I flat iron my hair religiously and well, rain is horrible for flat ironed hair. It's easier to just throw everything up in a bun or pony and it's perfectly acceptable for work.

Comfy clothes

I hate summer clothes..  the shorts, bikinis, and skimpy other things make me nauseous- I'm a really self conscious individual. When it's raining, flats and skinny pants are my go to. With a sweater of course :)


If you are lucky enough to catch the rain when it first starts and it's not cold outside, playing in some squishy mud with a four year old is pretty awesome. And the smiles & laughs? Priceless.

Sleeping with the windows open

I love a good thunderstorm and hearing the rain outside my slightly cracked window is very relaxing.

Pretty umbrellas

I love all the patterns of umbrellas that are out there. Even if the weather sucks, a pretty print on an umbrella surely brightens my day.

Rainy day activities

When it's raining outside, I am forced to stay inside with a lil guy, so we like to make up games or role play with his toy figures. I love when he tells me made up stories and we snuggle on the couch while watching a movie.

The day after the rain stops. 

Most of the time, the day after the rain stops is kinda chilly; which means there is no humidity and that results in a GOOD hair day!

Making lists about how awesome rain is

Self explanatory....
But.... making this list really brought my spirits up about the crazy rain that we have had... and yes, it has been about 60 degrees in July...

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