ten annoying things about being a licensed driver

Having a driver's license is a privilege. You get to operate a machine that can take you on your wildest adventures or even kill someone. It's a big responsibility, but it's one that we all accept willingly. And then there are the annoyances that come with being a licensed driver... 

1. Construction
My number one annoyance about driving is construction. Yeah, I get it, roads need to be fixed widened, and paved; but must you do it in broad daylight and when the traffic is heavy? So people just don't think. 

2. Parallel Parking
I can't parallel park to save my life. I am the type of person that refuses to get that spot in front of the door, and chooses to walk two blocks. 

3. Sunday Drivers
We all know what and who they are, so I'm not going to go into details. 

4. Having to renew your license
This is just pure irritating. It takes forever at the BMV, because we all really WANT a new picture, you can't smile, it costs money to renew, and you don't get the license for like two weeks. Really? 

5. Having to shell out money every year for state plates
I get that it gives money back to the state, and I am thankful for the fact that I only have to get one plate instead of two (I'm looking at you Illinois), but I hate paying out so much money to get them. 

6. Emissions testing
I've heard that some counties in my state don't even have to do this, but I am in an area that does. I live in a place where apparently the go-go juice makes the cars we drive give off fumes that are bad for the environment. Um... yeah. That's smart now right? So to rectify the situation, we have to get our vehicles emissions tested every other year to make sure the air is clean. IT. IS. ANNOYING. They hook your car up to a monitor and if one of your sensors- that doesn't even have anything to do with emissions- is off, then you fail outright. Let's just say that shit can get expensive- I've been through it. 

7. Young kids
I have been driving for over 10 years and I really hate driving around young kids. Yeah, that statement makes me old. They tend to want to go fast, are always texting and driving, and have their music up way too loud. You better believe that I really want to smack someone when I pull up next to someone at a stoplight with a sleeping kid in the back, and the bumping from their horrible sound system wakes up my angry nap-deprived toddler. 

8. Lane sharing, tailgating, and excessive braking
Being a licensed driver, means that you must deal with the stupidity of other drivers. The top three most annoying traits: lane sharing, tailgating, and excessive braking. Lane sharing happens when the driver decides to drive in the middle of two lanes, and prevents people from going around them. Just pick a lane already!  

9. Road Rage
I tend to get road rage, and I hate it. 

10. Having to fill up with gas when it's at the weekly high.
We all do it... you don't want to stop at the gas station because it's annoying, and by the time you are almost on empty and close to driving on fumes, you choose to stop. But that's usually on a Friday and the gas is well over three stinkin' bucks a gallon. 

What annoys you about driving?

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