Fri-yay! {a weekly recap & some blogger love}

As you are reading this, I will be working my very first day at my NEW JOB (therefore I am writing and scheduling this the night before)! I am so super excited and hope the day goes well. I am also super anxious and my anxiety has pretty much taken over, for the simple fact that I have been a stay at home mom- that only works weekends- for the past two years, and now I will be working a M-F day job. And until April 1, I will also be working seven days a week and twelve hours every Monday, due to not wanting to just leave my other job hanging (after that I will be at the new one M-F, and Saturdays at my other one.... yes, 6 days a week- until I get burned out). 

Anyways, I'm not here to chat about the new job and all the anxiety I am feeling about it... I am here to talk about my week, share some blogger love, tell ya what you missed on the blog this week, and let you in on some upcoming posts.

-----My week-----

This week had been crazy, but kinda fun! 

One || If you have been following me on Insta, then you know that my parents have "adopted" a puppy and named him Rugar... his mother wouldn't take care of him, and pushed him aside at two days old. Today is my lil friend's 2 week birthday and he is growing bigger and bigger. I will be featuring him on Tuesday for my Images of Happy link up (btw, I would love for everyone to join!) 

Two || To calm my anxieties this week, I have been doing alot of painting... meaning that I will have a tutorial about up-cycling your Birchboxes next week :) 

Three || I really think spring is coming... it hit over 50 this week, and the snow is practically gone. Unfortunately, there is alot of mud going on and my front yard is full of the dog crap that has been accumulating all winter... I guess it's about taking the good with the bad, huh?

Four || Last Saturday, I worked a late shift and I was able to take Lil Man to Home Depot to make some bookends, and then we had lunch at Culver's. Honestly, I don't think I've had so much fun, and it was definitely the breathe of fresh air that I've needed :) 

Five || I started the daunting task of Spring Cleaning this week... ugh. I really need to learn to clean. Haha. I've been going through clothes, toys, boxes, closets, you name it. I really don't feel like posting a pictures, but just know that it sucks. 

-----Time to share some blogger love-----

Every week, I try to highlight some of my favorite posts from some fellow bloggers... And there are different reasons that I usually pick the ones that I do. I mean, they could be funny, they could have been something that I pinned, they could be something that I liked... basically there are a bunch of different reasons that I pick the posts that I do. Most of the time, I want a place to save them. Anywho... 

Let's Catch Up || The Rachael Way

It's the Little Things || Love the Here and Now

He Pulls Me Higher || Ember Grey

10 Ways to Double Your Page Views || Classy Yet Trendy

-----In case you missed it on the blog-----

I am finally getting over what I had known was a sinus infection, but the doctor had diagnosed it as being the flu, so I have been a bit absent this week. However, one of my goals for this month is to post at least three times a week, and with me starting the job, it means that they are going to be scheduled. 

-----Coming up-----

I know I've hinted to some upcoming posts above, but I wanted to tell you all about the Images of Happy link up coming on Tuesday, March 17.... basically it's a simple linkup: post one or ten pictures that make you happy, tell everyone about them, and link up with me. That's it. I would love for everyone to join and spread the happy around. Also, I have a fun DIY, another beauty review (this time on essential oils), and I will be collaborating with a fellow blogger as we talk about out home state. It's looking like it's going to be a good week, and I am super excited. 

How has your week been? 
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  1. Hope the job went well :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so excited for you and your new job! I hope everything went well and you don't get burnt out with all the working of two jobs right now. Goodness.

  3. Thanks for featuring me! And also... CONGRATS on the new job! How exciting for you!

  4. So exciting about the new job. I hope you love it!! The birch box upcycle looks like such a fun idea! So creative. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and thanks for linking up at H54F!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


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