five things I learned during my first week at a 9-5

On Friday, I had finally completed a week at my new job, and let me tell ya- it was LONG! Long in the sense that I've never been gone so much, long in the sense that I have yet to actually get myself into a routine- so I'm averaging about 5.5 hours asleep a night, and long in the sense that I really miss my family. But this first week has also been pretty nice.

So, the job. Well, I'm a tutor at the county juvenile detention. And yes, that means that I get to shape the minds of the children that happen to get in trouble. Do I like it? Well, I can't actually weigh in on that just yet, but I can tell you that it's not a bad way to spend my day. But I don't particularly like the fact that I really can't wear jeans 4 days a week (Friday I can). But it's just the territory. And I can deal with it.

I had learned quite a few things this past week and I wanted to share them with you...

1) A routine is essential to your work week. This includes going to bed, getting up, scheduling shower time, etc. When you have a set schedule, aka a Monday thru Friday 9-5, it's easier to have a routine set up. Why? Because like children, adults seem to thrive on routine and simplicity.

2) Going to bed at 10 or 11 at night is perfectly acceptable when you have to be up by 7a. Let's face it... we all need our sleep, or we can't function the right way. And you need to be on your game while working in a secure facility with juveniles.

3) The laundry, the dishes, and whatever cleaning there is to do, can wait; cuddles from a 4 year old that hasn't seen you all day, ranks number 1 on your to-do list. If you are like me, and going from stay at home Mom to full time boss lady, working at least 30 hours a week, your life is going to be hectic. And every thing is going to be thrown out of whack for a bit until a routine is set up. But you know who is going to suffer the most from not seeing you? The lil person who was used to having Mommy 24/7. Go ahead and give them the time they need and the adjustment period will go smoothly. Plus if no one is home all week, there is no one there to see your mess, right?

4) Flats are amazing for your feet, especially when they have cushion. I'm not going to lie- being on your feet sucks. In my job, I have to wear dress pants 4 out of the 5 days a week, and if you have ever seen tennis shoes with dress pants, it looks tacky. So what are your options, when you have to look nice, and are confined to closed-toed shoes? Cute flats of course. Fyi: I love these ones from Payless.

5) When starting a new job, it is perfectly acceptable to ask questions and most of all, for help. Also, some training can't be read, it's usually learned by thrusting yourself into the deep sea and hopefully you learn to swim.

This is my second 9-5 (well, it's actually 9-4, but you know...) and from what I can tell, it's going rather well right now. And I know I will be leaning alot more in the next week.

Have you ever learned anything from your 9-5?
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  1. Ugh, Mondays are the hardest- especially when the weekend wasn't relaxing and/or productive! Yay for you for finding ways to make the work week enjoyable and manageable!

  2. I work 8-5 everyday and my bed time is 8pm and I am totally fine with it. But I don't have responsibilities like you, it is just me and my fiance. So for now I will take all the sleep I can get!

  3. I desperately need to invest in a nice pair of black flats. right now I'm wearing heels five days a week and my poor feet are crying for a break.

  4. Ashley Ponder RichardsMarch 25, 2015 at 11:10 AM

    I've been wondering how the new job was going. Being a working mom is hard work. Trying to spread yourself across all the things you need to do is hard. I have to leave for work at 6:40 am so I go to bed no later than 9. When I get home from work then I know I have this much time to get everything I want done.

  5. Doo it! Flats are seriously a lifesaver! Unfortunately, now I have to have most of my dress pants hemmed, or buy the ankle fit.

  6. It's hard. It really is. Long days suck, even when you work pt time, but I guess it happens. The one thing I don't like- not seeing my lil man so much.

  7. Sleep is so nice sometimes! I've gotten used to the whole bed time thing, but sometimes it sucks. I mean, I just want to stay up and watch tv lol

  8. Mondays have been hard for me lately- as I am still working the weekends at my other job. But I also seem to have a lot of motivation, since it's a new week and all.

  9. I've worked a boring office job for the past four years and the biggest thing I learned is that I can't work in this type of environment for the rest of my life! I'm currently working on switching career paths.


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