Radha Beauty skin care review

Disclaimer: compensation for this review was in the form of the eye gel and accompanying products  via Brandbacker & Radha Beauty, but opinions are all mine.

I have a confession.... my ultimate beauty goal is to not only look, but to feel good and beautiful in my own skin, without having to apply makeup. I know my goal is attainable, as I have met it in the past month, but I would like to feel comfortable enough to go out in public without having to apply a lick of makeup (to me, mascara is considered a lifestyle, not makeup). I am almost to that point, thanks to Radha Beauty and their amazing line of face products. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Radha Beauty, it was started in 2014, and features a 100% pure & natural oil and skincare line. They combine high performance with natural and healthy ingredients and partner with earth-loving, women-empowering organizations, and use Eco-friendly packaging, Their products are Cruelty Free and Not Tested on Animals. They are also free of the harsh chemicals used in most beauty products. 

Radha Beauty gave me the chance to try out their Beauty Intensive Eye Gel, Vitamin C Serum, & the Retinol Moisturizer

-----THE PRODUCTS-----

I have issues with puffiness (due to too much salt intake) and dark circles (due to not getting enough sleep) under my eyes, and I have tried several products to help with it. I have even resorted to using a cc cream in the eye area. Most products have reduced/camouflaged my issues, but never completely erased, and the issues also came back with non-use.

Radha Beauty first sent me the eye gel. It claimed to moisturize and firm, and reduce eye bags, dark circles, and puffiness. The ingredients also included cucumber, aloe, vitamin e, and much more. To say I had high expectations for this gel, was an understatement. 

I started using the gel the day after I received it, and was surprised. The gel felt cool to the touch and seemed to reduce my puffiness almost immediately, especially above my eye lid. Sure the result could have been due to the lighting, but it was the first time a product, bad lighting or not, had done that for me. The texture was really nice and light, and it glided on with ease. And dried with in a few seconds with no residue. 

Vitamin C Serum
I am a huge fan of serums, and I have tried quite a few. When Radha Beauty gave me the chance to try out their Vitamin C serum, I was skeptipal to say the least. I had tried a couple of Vitamin C serums, and since my skin is sensitive, I had started to break out from them. And I could barely stand the strong citrusy smell. 

The vitamin c serum was integrated into my beauty routine the day after receiving it (like 3 weeks ago) and I am still using it to this day. The texture is a bit watery, but it spread easily and dried quickly. AND the smell is subtle, almost non-existent, and does not have any scent of citrus. It did not irritate my skin, and my skin felt and looked bright and radiant after using. 

I am at the age where I am starting to care more and more about my skin and wrinkles that may form in the future. I had tried a couple of Retinol moisturizers in the past, and let me just say that I had almost given up on my relationship with Retinol. 

When I tried Radha's Retinol moisturizer, I was amazed. My sensitive skin reacted rather well and I felt no burning NOR did I break out. The formula was a bit greasy, but absorbed quite well. 

-----HOW TO USE-----

At first, I was using all three products in conjunction with each other. In the morning, I would wash my face, apply the serum, then the eye gel, and follow up with the Retinol moiturizer. At night, I would remove my makeup, and apply the eye gel. 

After a couple of days, it almost felt like my eye makeup would, essentially, flake off during the day, and I wondered if it was due to the use of the eye gel. So I reduced my application to just at night. And I was happy that I did. I use more of the eye gel at night, and wake up with beautiful puff-free eye areas.

I still use the serum after washing my face, and the apply the moisturizer. At first, my face feels a bit greasy, but after a few minutes, I am ready to put on my makeup, rather it be actually foundation or a bb/cc cream. It also seems to work really well with my primer. 


I am really grateful that Radha Beauty gave me a chance to try their skincare line, and recommend it to anyone who wants to "upgrade" their current line. All three products work rather well in conjunction with each other, and the result is beautiful! 

If you want to try out the skin care line, you can grab all three products from Amazon. And they have a money back guarantee. 

Vitamin C Serum: link to product page 
Retinol Moisturizer: link to product page

Have you ever tried any Radha Beauty products?
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