splurge vs. save | part three: hair

Today is time for the third and final edition of my Splurge vs. Save series. Part one addressed overall beauty, part two was makeup, and today is my favorite category... hair. I tend to spend alot of time AND money on my hair. Unfortunately, my hair is damaged from years of heat tools and not knowing what I was doing. So after about a year, my hair is where I want it, and I finally know what works for me, and what I am happy paying for. 


I have been known to pay upwards of $50 on a haircut. Yes, just a trim. I generally use the salon at Ulta, because they know what they are doing. I have tried Super Cuts and miscellaneous little salons around me, but you get what you pay for. And I am happy paying what I do for the quality I get.

Shampoo & Conditioner
I am the type of gal that will pay high price for amazing shampoo and conditioner. This is mostly because my hair is damaged, but whenever I used my Fekkai, my hair feels beautiful.

I currently use Fekkai's hairspray. I have also used Big Sexy Hair, Living Proof, Redken, etc. I don't like a lot of residue, and when my hair feels super stiff. I've realized that the cheaper hairsprays leave the residue.

Leave in Conditioner
I love a good leave in as much as the next gal. I currently use Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle, which I had gotten from Birchbox. I also love It's a 10.

Heat protection
I have yet to find a heat protector that I absolutely love, because a lot of protectors have alcohol in them. Putting alcohol on dry hair and then using heat, fries your hair. It's not pretty. So I tend to go for the higher priced ones- Nexxus, Redken, brands like that.

Hair dryer
Honestly I use a conair, and it works just fine for me. I really don't see the sense in spending over $40 for a hair dryer.

Bobbie pins
I use them so often and loose so many, it just makes sense to grab and use a 100 pk for under $3.

Hair brushes
I'm not big on spending alot of money on hair brushes. I do wash and replace my brushes every 4-6 mos, but I have yet to spend over $10 on one. I do love the Ecotools brushes.

Hair Ties
Same as the bobbie pins...

Middle of the road
Dry Shampoo
I have yet to decide where I am on dry shampoo... I have used Herbal Essences and I have used Fekkai. Each brand has their own good and bad qualities... simply, if I try out a sample, and love it. I will buy it. But I won't spend over $20 on a rather large bottle.

What hair products do you save and splurge on?
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  1. I have found that baby powder works so much better for my hair than dry shampoo!

  2. I have heard from a couple of different people say that they love it! It's a great alternative to spending money... and since I have a child, I have it on hand :) Thanks Ashley!

  3. I always loose my bobby pins too, its so annoying. great blog, I nominated you for an award. http://beauty-ignited.blogspot.com/2015/01/the-versatile-blogger-award.html

  4. I used to use baby powder as a dry shampoo starting 6 or 7 years ago (back when you could only find dry shampoo at Sally's Beauty and it was super expensive). Since I have dark hair, I've found that I really like Dove's dry shampoo. My hair is so fine and thin! I will still use baby powder, though. It's just harder to spot treat already styled hair, since I will have to brush it out really thoroughly. I hope being able to find dry shampoo at Walmart won't just be a phase. I want it to stick around :)
    I completely agree that you get what you pay for with haircuts! I did end up scheduling a haircut with someone different at my regular salon, just because my person was booked. It turned out the my person was new, so she was significantly cheaper, but did a better job!

  5. It's a good thing that bobby pins are cheap, huh? :)Thanks so much for the nomination, girl!! And thanks for stopping!

  6. I did like Dove's dry shampoo- I've literally tried like 15 different ones- and Batiste from Walgreens, is a good one too. That's crazy with the haircut! Sure, I hate paying so much (like $30-46 every 3-4 mos at the Salon at Ulta), but it's definitely the getting what you pay for. I'd rather get a really good haircut that's pricy, then a horrible one that was cheap.


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