let's talk about some awesome things... winter edition

Do you know what day it is? If not, it's Tuesday, and it's time for the Awesome Things link up with Anne from Love the Here and Now!  And one of my faves, Amanda from Knock on Wood is co-hosting this month with her!!! Woo hoo!!!

I really do love to link up with Anne for her monthly awesome things linky. It's a great way to make you feel like a millions bucks because we all describe what little things in life are super ridiculously awesome! Especially things that go unnoticed in the winter. 

Things like...

Snow angels and snowball fights

A much needed cup of hot cocoa. With a ton of marshmallows. In one of my super awesome blogger mugs :) Or another one is ok too.

Warm gloves. That are super soft. And waterproof.

When your hubby starts the car for you and surprises you with a warm car on the coldest day.

Surprise Starbucks from a co-worker. Best thing ever!

Leggings, yoga pants, & sweat pants.

Brand new fur lines boots.

Snow days.

The smell of a wood burning stove.

Cuddling on the couch with a little person (aka child) and watching a movie, instead of going out.

Oh man, those things are definitely awesome in the winter! What do you think is awesome?
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  1. I love that you did this - I did too today! Great minds think alike - and perfect timing for yesterday and today's weather. Stay warm!

  2. Wood burning stoves smell amazing!

  3. I love hearing that! And I'm super happy that you love it! XO

  4. Lil Man was outside yesterday and made one! He was so proud of himself!

  5. They seriously do! My parents have one for the garage... I love that smell. Reminds me of bonfires in the summer!

  6. LOVE my super awesome bloggy mug!! I've got to take a pic when I use it :)
    Also- the best when hubby's start the car for us, such a treat and a simple way to see the love!!

  7. Love the cocoa idea! I have that when I'm feeling cold in the air conditioning these days but always loved it on a cold snowy day!

  8. You did that mug justice in your pic on Insta!


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