A need to apologize

I had a post ready for you today, but instead I have decided to push it back a few days.


Because I feel the need to apologize.  Apologize for being MIA this week.  You seen, I really pride myself on the ability to bang out a post on the fly - for those occasions when the idea just comes to me- or to have my post scheduled ahead of time. However it gets written and published- I love the fact that I generally post 4-5 times a week. It encourages reader engagement,  keeps the blogs I sponsor happy -I mean,  I am paying them to promote me and it's kinda my job to give them things to promote- and keeps my views/stats up. But this week has been a huge let down in blog world for me.

Sure, I have published a few posts, but they were just eh, and definitely were not a part of my favorite weekly link ups. Which reminds me that I desperately need to branch out & read more blogs.

And the reason I haven't created the content I usually do? Life. Plain and simple.  

It started this weekend with a huge fight between a family member and I over a stupid dress. Then after I thought I had fixed the problem, I was made out to be the a - hole. And all of that had lead to stress and crying...

Then I got a call from a company had interviewed for, telling me that even though they appreciated me coming in, they had filled the position. I mean, at least they called me, right?

And now my son's sick with a cold that warrants steroids,  but not antibiotics. And being the overprotective mom that I am,  I'm super worried about his breathing and don't want to take him anywhere outside of mine or his Grandparent's house. If he's not better by the weekend,  I will be calling the doctor again on Monday for some damn antibiotics...

And then the hubby tells me that his disability pay runs out a week and a half before he is supposed to go back to work, so he has to go back a week earlier.  So its not a MAJOR issue, except the fact that the check we are waiting for is going to have to stretch the whole month of February, in addition to the part time pay that I bring home twice a month... um, if there was any better time to get on the budget train, I'd hope I'd win the lotto. But then again, you kinda have to have the money to play with...

And the final piece of the crap cake of my week? Emails from my job. Of course they were "harmless" and just reminding everyone that they need to be working together and doing their job, but after my horrible week, I took it as a personal attack on MY job performance. I'm just happy my hubby was there to keep my head on straight and encourage me to just let it go. If not, I would probably be jobless right now.

I want to drown myself in a bottle of wine right now, but I can't. And honestly if you're still reading, please don't think that I actually would. It's not healthy. Like its not healthy to want to say F it all and bury your head under the covers until Monday morning... especially if you have to work the weekend. Not to mention if you have a child. And if they see mommy staying in bed for hours on end, then there would be questions coming out of a little mouth. Questions that should not have to be answered, just because mommy is having an "off" week. It just not fair. 

I do want to stress that this post, in its entirety, is supposed to be an apology- not a total "woe is me, please feel sorry for me" post. I want people to realize that I too, am human and I do have crap weeks just like everyone else in this world.

Sure bloggers don't really talk about their life in a negative way- but I want to show the good with the bad; the positive with the negative. For one simple reason- life is not all happy happy gum drops and we ride around on unicorns that shit rainbows. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we just want to punch someone in the face. But that's not lady like. So of course, we turn to blogging. And that blogging provides some type of therapy (or so I am told). 

So until next time... you can find me in the kitchen, slaving over the mounting pile of dishes, enjoying my 2nd glass of wine, for one simple fact... drinking vodka before your child goes to bed is social unacceptable. Not to mention responsible. Oh wait, neither is finishing off the bottle of wine you just opened an hour ago (don't worry, the hubby is still home).

Welp, at least it wasn't the boxed kind.

ps. if you like my wine glass, you can get your own in the etsy shop

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  1. I love your wine glasses! Will have to get one when I'm back in the states :)

  2. Ashley Ponder RichardsJanuary 30, 2015 at 9:48 PM

    I've had a shit week also and Jack is also sick. It's the shittining and throwing up everywhere kinda sick. Lots of fun times for this mama! I have been wondering where you have been because you know I look forward to reading your posts.

  3. Ugh sorry you had an argument with a family member that is the worst. I'm trying to do better with sharing all aspects of my life, not just the shiny happy parts.

  4. Thank you so much Shane! I wonder what shipping would be to Australia? :)

  5. I'm sorry about Jack :( I really hope he's finally feeling better! And thank you- you made me smile :)

  6. They definitely are! I really think that being real should be every bloggers goal. Sure sometimes sharing the bad can be hard, but you never know if your readers are going through the same kinda things and all they want to hear is that they are not alone :)


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